chapter 12

Shopify’s Partner Program: Working with Shopify

One of the major decisions you’ll make as a web-based freelancer is the ecommerce platform you choose to work with. The decision will be different for everyone, and maybe you’ll even work with a handful.

Perhaps we’re biased, but a strong contender to consider is Shopify. Your clients will love our multi-channel platform that allows them to sell anywhere, securely and reliably, with our industry-leading security and uptime. Shopify offers full storefront customization to help you deliver exactly what your client is looking for — more than 500,000 merchants around the world are powered by Shopify, and many of them are looking for help building and customizing their stores.

Enter the Shopify Partner Program.

Shopify Partners are a group of international designers, developers, and marketers working to make commerce better, and using Shopify’s platform to do it. We enable freelancers and agencies to build viable businesses around Shopify by giving them all the tools they need to succeed, starting them on their journey to becoming Shopify Experts.

The Shopify Partner Program gives freelancers and agencies access to unlimited trial stores, in-depth documentation, and multiple revenue streams including referral payments as well as app and theme sales. Gain insider information on our product roadmap and upcoming feature releases, and leverage priority partner support to quickly resolve you or your clients’ questions. You’ll receive free training and resources to learn Shopify and grow your business.

Shopify’s platform is fully customizable and built using HTML, CSS and our Liquid templating language which is easy to learn (we’ve got lots of tutorials to help you out). You can sign up for our free Partner Program at We would love to have you.

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