chapter 1

Finding Clients: Building a Solid Portfolio Website

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Client-Winning Portfolio Website: Introduction

As a web designer or developer who’s beginning to grow their individual brand and business, it’s easy to want to hit the ground running — extending your feelers to (what feels like) the end of the earth to find new clients. We get it. How can you ever be successful without establishing a repertoire of customers?

With the goal of becoming profitable and establishing brand recognition in your industry, it can be easy to rush your portfolio website — your content, case studies, and contact page — to create an online presence for yourself.

They may look beautiful, but are your most important elements as optimized and effective as they could be?

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • What to include in your design portfolio website.
  • How to write trust-building case studies.
  • Why you should be paying closer attention to your contact us page.
  • How to find new clients by aligning yourself with Shopify.
  • How the Shopify Partner Program can help you grow.

Chock-full of professional tips, actionable insights, and expert advice, this guide will help you create a solid foundation for finding new clients.

Learn how to optimize your portfolio website and find new clients

From choosing proper content to optimizing your contact page, this comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to attract leads — and find new clients — using your portfolio website.

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2. Choosing the Right Content and Design Elements

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