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Arianna Huffington

Editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post

ENFPs as entrepreneurs

ENFPs make for energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. They rarely let the presence of risk stop them from achieving their goals—in fact, they relish the uncertainty of an idea.

They are exceedingly observant characters who tend to read people and situations very well. This translates into great people and communication skills, allowing the ENFP to win people over with ease, which comes in handy when networking or pitching ideas to investors.

ENFPs also enjoy taking risks in the professional sense, as they typically back themselves to deliver against the odds. This trait naturally suits the entrepreneurial lifestyle, which often demands an element of risk just to get started.

Despite their friendly nature, ENFPs can be manipulative if they aren’t getting the results they want. Over time, this tactic wears thin with employees and colleagues, which may lead to a slow-growing level of mistrust within the workplace.

In order to counteract their controlling natures, ENFPs should exercise restraint when it comes to micromanagement. After setting tasks with detailed yet flexible guidelines, an ENFP should then refrain from keeping uncomfortably close tabs on the task’s progress—and lean towards trusting their employees to deliver instead.

ENFPs also have a habit of overthinking. They sometimes hesitate to make a decision, and they spend far too much time planning a task or strategy before getting started. To combat this, ENFPs should work together with somebody more decisive in the opening stages of their projects, just to get the ball rolling.

Finally, ENFPs compound their habit of overthinking by lacking focus on a day-to-day basis. Procrastination is so ripe within their routine, they have almost come to accept it as part of life. However, time management apps such as Rescue Time and Toggl can help.

With their strengths and weaknesses in mind, ENFPs may want to try their hand at observing society to spot opportunities to provide a new product or service. Crowdfunding may then be good option to help get the venture off the ground, as they can harness their ability as advocates who can others on board with their idea.

“You have to do what you dream of doing, even while you’re afraid.”

Arianna Huffington, ENFP

ENFPs’ strengths and weaknesses


Enjoys risk

Their self confidence means that they rarely back down from business moves that involve risk—a must for any ambitious entrepreneur.


They have jovial mannerisms with colleagues, employees, and customers.


They observe people and trends in order to use their observations to their own advantage.



They tend to over-think and over-plan, which leads to an indecisiveness that can hamper their success.

Handling criticism

They become stressed when it comes to criticism, making the early stages of starting a business especially challenging.

Practical execution

ENFPs struggle to focus on their tasks on both a short-term and long-term basis. They should partner with someone who can help keep things on track.

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