Famous ENTJ, Bill Gates


The Field Marshall

Bill Gates

Founder of Microsoft

ENTJs as entrepreneurs

ENTJs are very methodical in their approach to entrepreneurship, preferring structure over eccentricity. They are data-driven, logical, and extremely self confident. They are considered by many to have all the right qualities to become successful, profitable entrepreneurs.

ENTJ entrepreneurs bring a very frank and direct attitude to the table, which many find to be refreshing. They quickly decide on what they want to achieve, and they spend a considerable amount of time building efficient systems and processes to help them on their way – an activity that comes naturally to them.

Thus, administration, bookkeeping, event planning, and other linear activities are well within the scope of an ENTJ’s pragmatic set of skills.

The benefits of being goal-oriented cannot be overstated and ENTJ entrepreneurs are the kind who get things done. Once they’ve identified an opportunity, connecting the dots between a profitable market and a product idea, they’ll execute their plans wholly and with high standards that they also hold their employees too.

As for their weaknesses, ENTJs don’t fare so well when it comes to the emotional requirements of running a business and engaging with clients.

Many people find ENTJs to possess intimidating personalities. Furthermore, they showcase the characteristics of somebody who likes to control everything around them as much as humanly possible. More troublingly though, ENTJs have a reputation for being arrogant, which can stem from their self confidence, if left unchecked.

To quell their arrogance and their tendency to control others, ENTJ entrepreneurs may benefit from keeping family and long-time friends close, as such relationships will help to keep their feet on the ground. They should also consider giving their employees more freedom when it comes to their projects by implementing thorough but flexible guidelines, and leaving their remarks until the latter stages of a project.

It is also in an ENTJ’s nature to make impulsive decisions. That includes impulsive buying, emailing, investing, and everything in between. To overcome this habit, ENTJs should think about having a close confidant to help refocus them when impulse kicks in.

Thanks to their meticulous and organized approach to entrepreneurship, ENTJs are well suited to pursuing complex ventures of all kinds—from a building software to running a profitable store built on careful planning.

“To win big, you sometimes have to take big risks.”

Bill Gates, ENTJ

ENTJs’ strengths and weaknesses



They believe in their abilities, and they rarely doubt themselves.

Goal setting

They enjoy setting and reaching short and long term goals.

Money management

Although they can be impulsive buyers and investors, ENTJs generally take good care of their assets.


Controlling and intimidating

Some may describe them as control freaks, which leads to over-management and unhappy employees.


Their arrogance rears its head if they let their self confidence reach unfavourable heights.


Their decisiveness can lead to making snap decisions that could have benefited from further thought.

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