Famous ENTP, Jack Ma


The Inventor

Jack Ma

Co-Founder of Alibaba

ENTPs as entrepreneurs

ENTPs are able to spot opportunities and connect dots faster than most people, and they do it with unparalleled enthusiasm. As a result, the spirit of invention burns bright in them.

As resourceful problem solvers, they’re also able to do a lot with very little. “Scrappy” is one of the best ways to describe their approach to starting up as they relish being the underdog.

Unfortunately, they can suffer from having too many ideas, which results in easily losing interest in old endeavours that once excited them. As a result, ENTPs need to constantly be moving forward with an idea they care about or they might give up on it as it gets eclipsed by “the next big thing” that they come up with.

But that doesn’t mean ENTPs should bury any new ideas they have. Instead they should log them in an idea journal where they can follow through on them at a later date. After all, ENTPs who start one business are likely destined to become serial entrepreneurs.

As for what they’ll start, ENTPs will be most motivated by original or “different” ideas due to their non-conformist natures. They hate the thought of doing what’s been done to death. It’s a source of energy they need to harness since they can be prone to being underachievers unless something comes up that provokes their “go big or go home” mindset.

Though they are masters at improvising, ENTPs are more likely to succeed as entrepreneurs if they write out their plans (in pencil), so they can keep focused on the short term goals and not get lost in their own lofty long-term visions.

“You should learn from your competitor but never copy. Copy and you die.”

Jack Ma, ENTP

ENTPs’ strengths and weaknesses


Devil’s Advocate

Natural at recognizing opportunities and flaws in their own ideas and those of others with little trouble evangelizing their vision.


Nobody loves coming up with ideas and easy solutions to hard problems as much as ENTPs.

Problem solving

They have the will to find a way when a problem interests them, quickly sifting through several ideas until they find one that works.



Their eccentric behavior is part of their charm, but they need to make a conscious effort to accommodate business norms when dealing with people who value tradition.


Starting new things and not finishing them, or improving upon perfectly fine ideas, can be their biggest shortcoming as entrepreneurs if they don’t learn to focus their enthusiasm and creative energy.


They’re great at coming up with ideas, but should surround themselves with a co-founder or team that can help them actually bring their ideas to life.

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