ESTPs as entrepreneurs

ESTPs are highly pragmatic when it comes to managing a business, which serves them well when it comes to the bureaucratic dimensions of entrepreneurship.

Instead of researching and listening to advice before they get started with something new, ESTPs prefer to learn by actually doing things themselves on a micro and macro scale. This often leads to the discovery of new and unique ways to grow their business.

ESTPs do like to set goals, but their minds are usually focused heavily on the present. As a result, they prefer thinking about how they can reach short-term objectives–which makes them the perfect person within their organization to partake in activities such as in-person selling, event planning, and public speaking.

On the other hand, an ESTP’s focus on the present often manifests itself in a negative way, too.

Due to not thinking too hard about the future, ESTPs suffer from a lack of long-term structure. This also stems from their innate lack of patience and their tendency to get bored with things that take their time to reach a conclusion. This often leads to them hopping from one idea to another before any of their goals have been reached.

To ward of that boredom and impatience, ESTPs should deploy long-term goal setting and management tools like StickK or LifeTick to help add structure to their long term plans.

It should also be noted that ESTPs can come across as insensitive when interacting with others, which can obviously alienate employees and colleagues. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, ESTPs should take the time to read situations – and the feelings of others – before they react.

ESTPs also place a lot of emphasis on material comforts, and although that isn't necessarily a negative trait, their love for the physical may make it harder for them to work in environments where entrepreneurship often thrives – like on the road or from their bedrooms.

The ideal business model for the ESTP is one based on catering to relatively short term objectives, such as event planning, with plenty of in-person interaction and endless details that require a pragmatic mind.

“Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.”

Madonna, ESTP

ESTPs’ strengths and weaknesses



They bring a common sense, direct approach to running a business.

Learn by doing

They are rarely afraid to get their hands dirty with new technologies and business strategies.

Focused on the here and now

They focus their energy on short-term objectives, making them great in-person sellers and public speakers.


Long term planning

Their long term plans often lack structure due to boredom and impatience.


They often come across as insensitive in their speech and actions.

Love for material comforts

This love can easily stifle their ability to get work done outside of traditional office environments.

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