Examples of catchy marketing email subject lines that will increase open rates

A compelling and attention-grabbing subject line will lead to more people opening your marketing emails.

One of the most important processes of running an online business is selling your product or service, but selling doesn’t just happen at the checkout page of your online store. Communicating with potential customers can be a key component of your sales strategy—and one of the ways to talk to them is through sending marketing emails.

The marketing email is a humble yet often effective means of communication to show your potential customers what they can buy from you. You can use it to announce new updates, new products, promos, exclusive deals, and anything else you feel the customer should know about your business.

However, with all the promotional emails a person is likely to receive in a day, it's also possible that while you're already sending them marketing emails, they might not be opening and reading them. It's normal to pick and choose which emails interest you, so as a business owner or marketer, your job is to write an email that's compelling enough to click on.

Every email that your customers read adds to your open rate, and a higher open rate typically means a greater chance of conversions. That’s because once customers are reading your email, they may see something that makes them want to check out your online store for products that interest them. All the more so if the email contains an offer, or links directly to a product that you know your email list might find appealing.

The way to make a good first impression is by writing a catchy and attention-grabbing email subject line that will get the customer to open and read it. This article will focus on how to craft a compelling email subject line.

What makes a good email subject line? Frequently Asked Questions

How long should an email subject line be?

Keep your subject lines short and sweet. You don’t want to burden your customer with a subject line that’s too long, or you will lose them.

What should I promise them in the subject line?

Tell them what they’ll find inside the email. You can be honest, and sometimes you can be a little sensational about it—just as long as you don’t make any false promises about your message.

Can I arouse their curiosity and be mysterious?

You can pique their curiosity with a little mystery about what’s inside to get them to open the email. You can do this by asking a question or stating a bold fact. Just don’t go overboard and remember to be truthful.

Should I make references to current events or special occasions?

Making timely references can arouse your customer’s curiosity, especially if you have something that they need right now or for a special occasion. If you’ve got the right products, use timeliness and relevance to your advantage.

What to avoid in a subject line

Don't use all caps or too many exclamation points for your subject line, as that may make your email look like spam. Similarly, be wary of making claims so exaggerated that readers won’t take them seriously. You don't want your customer to ignore your email.

Examples of good email subject lines

Now that you know what makes a good email subject line and what will likely contribute to a higher open rate, it’s time to check out a few examples of catchy emails.

  • “This is the best [PRODUCT] ever.” – You can be straight to the point and brag about your product. This will intrigue customers enough to read what you have to say.
  • “[NAME], check out these hand-picked looks” – If you’re able to personalize your email to mention the name of your recipient, it’s worth a try. The familiar-sounding subject line will make people feel like you’re directly talking to them.
  • “You’re missing out on great deals.” – Creating a little fear of missing out on something good can impart a sense of urgency to your customer, which could lead them to open your email.
  • “Age-defying beauty tricks” – Playing to your customer’s self-esteem and vanity is also a good tactic to try, especially if your product or service is in fashion or beauty.
  • “Stop wasting money on [PROBLEM]” – You can identify a pain point that your customers might have and present your product or service as a possible solution to their problem. There will definitely be some people who are looking for an answer.
  • “Yes, I’m Pregnant. You Can Stop Staring At My Belly Now.” – Last but not least, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a comedian, you can try writing your email subject lines with a dash of humor. A funny message will always interest people, but make sure that being funny is also in line with your branding.

With these various approaches in writing an email subject line—and some practice, of course—you can expect your open rate to start going up and your sales with it.

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