The ultimate guide to courier services in the Philippines

Choosing the right courier service in the Philippines could go a long way towards your online store’s success.

So, you’ve decided to set up an online store. You’ve already thought of a name, you’ve already come up with products to sell, and you’ve figured out how you’re going to run your business. All you need now is to figure out how you’re going to ship your products to your customers, who are located in different parts of the Philippines.

Fortunately for you and all business owners, there are a vast number of delivery and courier services in the Philippines right now. The field is very much democratized for all your needs. Whether you need a cheap service, same-day delivery, national delivery, or even international delivery, all you have to do is pick one. If they’re not accessible through a few taps on your phone, you can easily find a branch to drop off your item and even collect payment for you.

The importance of good shipping can’t be stated enough, as this is the most crucial step in getting your product to your customers and ensuring their continued patronage. If your customers can’t get the product they ordered in good condition and a timely manner, then you’ve lost business. Even if you can’t control how your goods are delivered, it still reflects on you, so choose wisely.

So how do you filter through all your options for courier services in the Philippines? Simply figure out what you and your customer will need.

The guide to courier services in the Philippines

Now that you know what to look for in a courier service, it’s time to rate the different options available to you in the Philippines. While many of them may seem the same at first glance, they differ in a lot of key features and services. Read up on which services you require for your business.

The best courier services for same-day delivery

First, we’re going to list the best courier services for same-day delivery in the Philippines. Again, this is for businesses that need to send out perishable products or want to get their goods to their customers as fast as possible.


GrabExpress is the most popular option in the Philippines’ urban centres due to its sheer convenience. GrabExpress can deliver your items on the same day by motorcycle, car, or SUV depending on size and weight, and can collect cash on delivery. While Grab lets you pay through different methods such as cash, credit/debit card, or GrabPay, the platform’s biggest shortcoming is that its delivery service is only available in Metro Manila and Cebu City. It’s the easiest to use because you can access it on the Grab app, which most Filipinos already have for GrabFood and GrabCar.


If you’re looking to ship goods from Metro Manila to outside the capital and vice versa, Lalamove is a better way to go. Lalamove drivers can ship small items and huge products like appliances alike, plus they also collect cash on delivery. Other than cash, Lalamove also lets you pay via credit or debit card, and they have their own e-wallet feature. However, much like GrabExpress, Lalamove is only available in Metro Manila and provinces near the capital in Luzon.

Mr. Speedy

Mr. Speedy is an up-and-coming courier service in the Philippines. Its biggest strength is delivery within Metro Manila and to other nearby provinces, as well as its affordable delivery rate of P60 plus P6 for every kilometer. The downside to Mr. Speedy is that it’s not as feature-packed as GrabExpress and Lalamove. The service only allows for cash on delivery and pickup, and exclusively uses motorcycles–meaning you can only send out small items. It’s also currently difficult to schedule a pickup outside Metro Manila, so if you’re in the provinces, you might need to look to a different service.


Popular ride-sharing app Angkas has also branched out into motorcycle delivery, offering affordable prices to customers in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. Like Grab, it’s convenient as many Filipinos already have the Angkas app. The only thing to remember is that you can only ship out small items as they are delivered via motorcycle, and you can only do so within Manila and Cebu. Right now, only cash is accepted as Angkas is still working on card payments.


Transportify comes to the Philippines as the best option for large goods. It allows for same-day delivery using their fleet of trucks to any point in Luzon, in addition to pre-scheduled pickups through the website or the app. It’s pricey with rates starting from P190 as you’ll be getting a truck delivery. The downside to Transportify’s services is that if you’re outside Luzon you’ll need to look for a different service.

The best courier services for nationwide and international shipping

Of course, you might need a service that can ship to anywhere in the Philippines, not just Luzon or provinces near to you. You may even need a service that can ship all over the world. Here are your best courier options for nationwide and international shipping. Note: due to the nature of this service, they are likely not going to be same-day deliveries.


For nationwide delivery, few are better than LBC. They offer various shipping options, such as land delivery, air cargo, and sea cargo in the Philippines and select countries, including the U.S., Australia, Canada, and a lot more. They also collect cash on delivery, opening up that payment method for your customers. The only downside of LBC delivery, other than a longer shipping time, is that you’ll have to drop your item in their stores. Fortunately, there are a lot of LBC branches across the Philippines, and you won’t have to look far to find one.

Business owners can also partner with LBC’s SoShop program, which offers perks and benefits for deliveries, and also helps local businesses grow by providing them a platform for promotion, networking, and education.


If you need to ship goods and items worldwide, DHL is a top choice for international delivery. DHL can deliver to a whopping 220 countries across the globe, and you can pay with cash, credit/debit card, or bank transfer. Another great feature DHL has is its online booking option for both small items and large cargo. Note: it can be a little pricy as the rates depend on the weight of the package. 

J&T Express

Best known as the partner courier service of e-commerce sites Shopee and Lazada, J&T Express allows for affordable nationwide delivery depending on location. It’s easy to use as you can book a delivery through the J&T Express app and website and easily track your package online. With around 400 branches across the Philippines, J&T Express can deliver to a nearby branch or directly to your customers’ addresses.

Ninja Van

Singapore-based courier service Ninja Van is a reliable nationwide delivery platform in the Philippines. Ninja Van’s best feature is its corporate accounts, which give business owners a platform to regularly schedule deliveries ahead of time. Ninja Van allows for cash on delivery, which they can regularly remit to you. Another exclusive feature is pickups and drop-offs at SM malls, making it easier to reach Filipinos anywhere in the country.

JRS Express

Another affordable courier service in the Philippines is JRS Express, which delivers nationwide thanks to its over 400 branches across the country. They can handle anything from letters to large cargo, and they can ship internationally to many countries, including the U.S., Canada, Guam. However, one downside to JRS Express is that they don’t support online or mobile booking, and you will have to visit a nearby branch. Like LBC, though, there are a lot of JRS Express branches, and they have corporate solutions available for any business.


Like many of the services on this list, 2Go Express provides customers with nationwide and international shipping via land, air, and sea freight at affordable rates. A few of their selling points are nationwide delivery that takes up to only five days and an international service that covers over 250 countries around the world. Despite only taking cash, 2Go Express has online booking, over-the-phone booking, and the option to book at one of many 2Go branches nationwide.

Making the most out of your chosen delivery service

Now that you know all about the different courier services available to business owners in the Philippines, you can now try them out and see which one works for you and your customers. 

Also, remember to secure and pay for the exact service you need. If you can get by with a motorcycle courier, go for that. Save bigger or more valuable items for larger vehicles that cost more. Once you figure out the right services for your business and how to maximize them to keep your bottom line healthy, getting your product to your customers will be hassle-free!


Common questions about courier services in the Philippines

Should I look for a courier that does same-day delivery?

If you’re a small online store that’s only servicing a few customers at a time, or your goods are perishable, you’re probably going to need a courier service that can deliver on the same day as the pickup. Fortunately, many courier services offer easy same-day delivery.

Should I look for a courier that allows for cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery is one of the most straightforward and most accessible payment methods, especially in the Philippines. That’s why choosing a courier service that can collect COD would be a huge bonus for your online store. Fortunately, this isn’t difficult as pretty much all services allow collecting cash on delivery, which should translate to more sales for you.

Can I book a delivery online or via a mobile app?

Sometimes it can be tedious to go to a courier service’s physical branch to book a delivery. That’s why the advent of smartphones makes it a lot easier to book deliveries almost anytime, anywhere —as long as the service covers your area. Almost all services will have a handy smartphone app or a booking feature on their website, but there are still others that prefer a store visit.

Can courier services provide nationwide (or even international) shipping?

If you’re a bigger business or you’ve reached customers from outside your general vicinity, you may need a service that delivers to anywhere in the Philippines. If you’re extra lucky and find customers from outside the country, you’re also going to need a service that could quickly and reliably handle international shipping. The bigger courier services do provide national and even international shipping, while smaller services (accessible via mobile apps) are only local to a city or region.


Grow your online business today

Now that you have a list of courier services in the Philippines with a wide variety of options for you to choose from, you can focus on making sure your product is the best it can be for your customers.

If you’re still in the process of planning and setting up your online store, make sure you’re doing the right things and making the right moves. After all, a huge part of success is proper preparation, and you want to ensure you’re doing everything you can for your investment to make good returns.

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