Tips to increase conversion from Facebook Live marketing

Facebook Live marketing and selling is a great and engaging way to connect with your customers and make sales.

As the pandemic rolls on in the Philippines, one interesting and fruitful selling tactic that’s become popular among many online business owners is Facebook Live marketing. You’ve likely seen it in some form from your family or friends—this usually consists of a seller going live on a Facebook stream and presenting items that viewers can purchase easily by commenting. With sellers and customers alike staying at home for their health and safety, marketing on Facebook Live has only gained in popularity.

If you’re looking for a way to get your products moving outside of your online store or website, it’s never too late to try Facebook Live marketing to catch the attention of a lot of potential customers. This article will show you why you should try it and what to do once you’ve decided to start selling on Facebook Live.

Frequently asked questions about Facebook Live marketing

Why should I sell on a Facebook Live stream?

While some might find it unusual, Facebook Live marketing streams work. It’s an interactive way to sell your products—you’re showing the customer what they’re getting—and a way to grow your customer base as the engagement boost increases the potential viewers of your stream. Think of it as an interactive infomercial that people can comment on.

Does selling my products on Facebook Live work better?

Because there are several ways to engage your potential customers on a Facebook Live stream, you’re likely to sell more products through this method than simply waiting for them to click on your online shop and consider buying your items. A Facebook Live stream can answer any questions they may have, better convincing them to buy from you.

What do I need to start selling on Facebook Live?

Facebook Live marketing and selling has become so popular because it’s also easy to do. All you need is your smartphone or computer and a stable internet connection, then just go live from your business’s Facebook Page. As long as you’re live, you can start promoting your items and products until they’re sold out.

Desktop users can enable Live Shopping before going live via the Live Shopping tab in the Live Producer tool. From there, they can create a Playlist that can show their Featured Items from their store during the video. Once the stream has started, they can click Feature under the product or link to highlight the product for the viewers.

Tips for effective Facebook Live marketing

Now that you’re thinking of selling products via Facebook Live, here are some tips to get more conversions.

Be engaging

The name of the game on Facebook Live truly is direct customer engagement. You don’t have to be the most outgoing person in the world, but you need to acknowledge your viewers and talk to them. When you show your products, speak in front of the camera as though talking to your customer in a physical store. Encourage your viewers to keep commenting and reply to their questions—they like it when the streamer actively acknowledges them.

Make customers feel good

As you’re already talking to your customers on Facebook Live, it’s also important that the way you sell your products gets them to feel good about buying them. Play up how your products solve a pain point or make your customers better, and they’ll consider their purchase money well spent.

Be creative

This is an extension of being engaging—if you’re up to it, you can get creative on your streams to entertain your viewers and make them consider a purchase. Play games, demonstrate your products, be funny and entertaining. You can also watch other Facebook Live sellers to see how they do their streams. If possible, you can also try bringing in a second person to talk to and be entertaining with.

Always repeat important information

Sometimes, you can get so caught up in the demonstration of your products that you forget important information, which can spell the difference between a sure sale and a missed opportunity. Tell them how they can purchase the products, what they need to comment to reserve a product, where they can follow you on social media for your Facebook Live stream schedules, and more. If you need your viewers to know certain things, you should be telling them over and over.

Get a little help

There are some apps and plugins that can help make the Facebook Live selling process a lot easier. Try a plugin like the SoldLive FB Comment Selling app on Shopify, which can integrate with your Shopify store to allow viewers to buy your products faster and more easily. Once the buying process is quick and convenient for your viewers, you will likely get repeat customers.

Use Facebook Live marketing with your online store on Shopify

Now that you know how to leverage the power of Facebook Live marketing to boost your online business, it’s easier than ever to connect and integrate it with your Shopify store. Start engaging with your customers on Facebook Live today and see how it can help your store do better.


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