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Fable triples sales year-over-over by leveraging Shopify Capital for increased inventory

Simba carefully, deliberately grew its global empire to $100 million+

Sofa Club exceeds sales targets by £130,000 after replatforming

Crate & Barrel Singapore’s revamped omnichannel experience increased loyalty program sign-ups by 350%

Life Interiors redesigns its digital journey to support its $100m revenue goal

After cutting its launch time in half, Desky’s revenue boomed by 1,227%

Milligram runs sales promos in minutes, not hours, after migrating its online store

Cozykids uses Flow and Launchpad to automate its processes, remove human error, and dramatically increase efficiency

Monte Design doubles its traffic goals by upgrading its ecommerce strategy

Swan saw 97% increase in revenue with Shopify Plus

Peacock Alley sees dramatic ecommerce sales and revenue growth after migration

Boll & Branch relies on Avalara to ease the tax burdens of a $100M company

Fathead uses Shop Pay and Shopify Flow to boost average order value by 46%

Emma Bridgewater, that classic English brand, has gone mobile

Snug increased its revenue 10X after migration

After its 12-week migration, Alessi increased page views by 233%

With new upsell features and personalized recommendations, Mustard Made’s average order value grew 15%

Jungalow’s brand, once reliant on other retailers to sell, now stands on its own

Magnolia Market uses augmented reality to bring Waco to the world

Leesa beat its bed-in-a-box competitors to market using Shopify Plus

How International Military Antiques notched record sales after migrating from Magento

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