Insiders selling strategies from the best podcasters in the industry

Commerce is evolving. We spoke with Europe’s leading podcasters to hear how businesses across the continent are adapting. Find out how in this latest Shopify paper.

Top trends our podcasters cover:

Unified commerce

Unified commerce goes beyond omnichannel experiences to centralize all valuable data under a single platform with one backoffice.

Community building

Foster connections and engagement among customers, fans, or stakeholders to create differentiation and drive business growth.

Building local trust

Strengthen rapport, credibility, and goodwill within home and domestic markets to drive engagement and enhance selling.

In-store experiences

Enhance the shopping journey through the use of immersive and engaging activities within physical retail stores.

Leverage AI

Identify, embrace, and incorporate emerging styles using AI to better shape, define and support timely selling strategies.

Expanding abroad

Explore how to establish operations, markets, and presence in foreign countries beyond the domestic territory.

To thrive locally you have to make sure you’re speaking their language, to their local needs and their identity. You’re building trust.


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