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Gorgias is a one-of-a-kind customer service platform specifically designed for ecommerce businesses to deliver effortless customer service at every stage of growth. Using cutting-edge automation and AI capabilities, Gorgias revolutionizes how online stores streamline the customer journey with omnichannel support, chatbots, Macros, Rules, support performance, and revenue statistics.
Gorgias currently serves 12,000+ merchants in the ecommerce space, including Steve Madden, BrüMate, and TUSHY.


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June 2017


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The Gorgias team has been super helpful in transitioning from ZenDesk. We also really love the macros, and how intuitive and easy to use it is!

Ardy, CEOOrukayak

Made the switch from Zendesk and haven't looked back. Setup was fast and simple. The team is super responsive, and helpful. Platform is very intuitive, and straightforward. Great for shopify webstores!!

Ian, CEOMnml

Great platform and even better support. We have used Fusedesk and Desk before and this is way better than both of them.

Mark, CEOStationeryHQ