Getting started with Shopify POS

Get the most out of your Shopify POS for your business. Follow the lessons below to get started and find quick tips and tutorials to support your setup. We're here to help you every step of the way.

Store manager works on Shopify POS in a retail store.

Lesson 1

Welcome to Shopify POS. Follow the quick start guide in your Point of Sale channel to set yourself up for success in the coming lessons.

Launch the quick start guide 

Step 1

Follow the quick start guide

  • Download the POS app for iOS or Android
  • Assign products to POS
  • Run a test transaction on POS
  • Explore POS subscriptions
Launch the quick start guide 

Lesson 2

Skip manual reconciling between in-store and online inventory systems. Then keep the right products on your shelves with Pro features from Stocky by Shopify.

Lesson 3

Tour the app and customize Shopify POS to speed up your most common workflows. The Shopify POS app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Lesson 4

Set up Shopify POS to record payments from an external terminal and order compatible accessories.

Step 1

Accept payments with an external terminal

Step 2

Buy compatible hardware accessories

Lesson 5

Inventory is stocked, the POS app is set up, and hardware is ready to go. Now, level up with omnichannel features that let you offer the flexible shopping options that customers are looking for.

Lesson 6

Empower your staff with the right tools for every task, like daily store duties, building customer relationships, and more.

Lesson 7

In this final lesson, you’ll learn to capture contact information in-store and drive repeat purchases with the tools to personalize and incentivize.

Dig deeper into these POS topics

A store manager works on Shopify POS in their store.


Learn more about transferring your data and making the switch.

Download the migration kit 

POS pricing

Explore POS subscriptions and find the right fit for your business.

Compare POS subscriptions 

Staff management

Turn Shopify POS into your all-in-one staff management solution.

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Advanced inventory

Learn how Shopify’s inventory tools keep up with complex operations.

Go to the Stocky by Shopify video 

Explore more for Shopify POS

Staff training videos

View common workflows in POS in our staff training video series.

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Apps for Shopify POS

Extend the features and functionality of your POS with apps.

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Shopify Help Center

Find step-by-step instructions to your POS questions.

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