The new Shopify Plus

Manage the complexity of your business. In one place.

Experience a better way to manage multiple stores, staff accounts, automated workflows, and more with the new Shopify Plus.

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Multi-store management

Thrive in the face of complexity

Shopify Plus is going bigger. Instead of building for your store, we’re building for your entire organization. For your global strategy. For your campaign experiments.

We’re building for your future complexity. Today.

More specialization

Mobilize your team

Give your team exactly what they need to do their job, and nothing they don’t. With access to the right permissions and tools, your staff can specialize in one area for the most impact.

  • Organize and manage staff accounts and permissions across your organization in one central place
  • Control which stores, apps, and channels each staff account can access
  • Use one account to log in to all your stores

More scale

Strategize at scale

Understand your business at a glance with a global view of analytics, staff accounts, stores, and workflows. Turn insights into strategies as you expand into new markets and regions.

  • Manage all your stores in one place and switch between them with a click
  • Start experimenting with new stores in minutes for instant results from channels and markets

More automation

Automate your way to growth

Harness the power of ecommerce automation across your whole business to make room for growth. With a centralized view of all your Shopify Flow workflows, you can save time by automating tasks in multiple stores at once.

Find out how to automate tasks and apps with Shopify Flow
  • Test ideas in one store, then implement them across your entire organization for proven results
  • Copy your most effective workflows across stores to save your team hundreds of hours
  • Fill the gaps between the tools and apps that power your business to replace slow processes and workarounds
  • Grow your business with the flexibility to put new campaigns and ideas into action

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