Why risk your Black Friday sales?

Launch a holiday site on Shopify Plus and prevent outages

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Shopify Plus: a platform 1,000,000+ stores already trust

Every year, hundreds of sites go dark during ecommerce’s most profitable 48 hours. Temporary interruptions, slow load times, and broken checkouts add up to millions in lost sales.

It’s not just customers that get sacrificed. It’s trust.

Why risk it? Get a Shopify Plus store and give yourself peace of mind and spectacular sales.

  • 10,978orders per minute at 2017’s Black Friday peak across Shopify
  • $1.1 millionper minute in sales at Cyber Monday’s peak on Shopify
  • +$1 billionin worldwide revenue over Black Friday Cyber Monday on Shopify
Ben Francis, CEO of GymShark

“The great thing about Shopify Plus is the fact we fundamentally trust the platform. We can go into Black Friday and don’t need to worry about the website crashing, whether we can or can’t handle it.”

Ben FrancisCEO of GymShark

Don’t crash, don’t burn…

You’ll get one-on-one guidance from exploration to scoping to launch.

Plus, you can join forces with ecommerce’s largest and most award-winning network of agency, technology, and solutions partners.

Enter this holiday season with confidence, long before the big days arrive.

Greg Merrell, Co-Founder of simplistic

“Shopify Plus is the only platform we trust to handle the massive spikes in traffic and transactions that come from Good Morning America, The View, and other nationally televised flash sales. With over a thousand successful flash sales we can unequivocally recommend Shopify Plus for all of your high traffic needs.”

Greg MerrellCo-Founder of simplistic

Why risk your Black Friday sales?

Launch a holiday site on Shopify Plus

What were your sales during Black Friday Cyber Monday last year?
Did you experience outages last year?

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