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Jovian boosts customer retention by 85% with Shopify Launchpad

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Jovian produces a range of designer ready-to-wear apparel, including headscarves, hijabs, masks and clothes. Founded by Dato' Jovian Mandagie, a designer who has been in the fashion industry for 15 years, Jovian is renowned for its weekly product launches and best-in-class personal shopper program. Since moving to Shopify Plus, Jovian has seen:

  • 20% increase in sales
  • 85% customer retention rate increase
  • 95% less time spent on launching promotions


With several new product launches, sales, and promotions happening every week, Jovian regularly adds new SKUs to its already vast 5000+ range of products. Jovian has also been expanding its retail presence, opening its seventh store at the beginning of 2023. The combination of an expanding product range and an extended retail footprint was a nightmare for the day-to-day operations team to manage. For starters, the price of every SKU had to be manually adjusted every week, a process that would take upwards of ten hours. This led to delays in sales going live and frequent customer complaints about incorrect and inconsistent pricing. Inventory management was also disconnected, as online and offline stock would not tally, leading to items being oversold. Jovian's reseller program, which has more than 1000 partners based in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, was also impacted, with shoppers often not receiving the correct pricing or struggling to get stock in time.

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It became clear that a unified and simplified e-commerce platform was essential. Jovian turned to trusted partner Optimization.my who provided migration and optimization support from OpenCart to Shopify in October 2021. Eight months later, the retailer upgraded to Shopify Plus to take advantage of Launchpad—a customer support and productivity tool exclusive to Shopify Plus—as it needed a simple way to create, edit and monitor promotions.

This new functionality empowered the Jovian team to set up stores for different Jovian sites, providing personalized experiences and pricing to members of its shopper program (accounting for approximately 60% of all revenue). Applications are much simpler to integrate and inventory can be synced between the digital and retail storefronts. This allows Jovian to offer more customer-centric features, such as click and collect or the option to return items in-store, all with the confidence that backend systems can handle everything easily.


The Jovian team can now spend more time focusing on launching great products and sales instead of worrying about admin and technical issues. For example, it only takes one person 30 minutes to set up and launch a sale with multiple SKUs instead of the 10 hours previously spent. Shoppers love the new user experience too, as 60% of support enquiries have switched from handling order and payment issues to customers instead enquiring about promotions and posing product questions. Overall sales have increased by 20% and the retention rate is 85% better since moving to Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus has been a game-changer for our performance, efficiency, and daily operations. Today we can launch our weekly new products and promotions in just 30 minutes versus 10 hours previously. The efficiency gains have given us more time to create personalized shopping experiences and customer services.

  • Jovian
  • Natasya Syatira — E-Commerce Manager

With Shopify Plus, Jovian saw results fast.


Increase in sales


Increase in customer retention rate


Less time spent on launching promotions

Join the ranks of brands changing fashion and apparel every day.

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