Peacock Alley sees dramatic ecommerce sales and revenue growth after migration

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Eyeful Media


In 1973, Mary Ella Gabler founded Peacock Alley, a luxury linen market in the United States. Peacock Alley was a B2B company for the first 46 years, selling products through independent resellers. As a result, they didn't know or have access to customer details beyond the insights gained through surveys and anecdotal information. In 2017, Peacock Alley partnered with Eyeful Media to learn more about its online customer base and grow an ecommerce channel.

Peacock Alley lacked the control and usability needed to understand buyer behaviors on the previous platform, missing personalized insights into their consumers. After re-platforming on Shopify Plus less than a year later, these issues were solved; user experience improved, engagement was optimized and paid search performance accelerated. Peacock Alley finally got the customer data and insights it needed to grow. 

With Shopify Plus, Peacock Alley saw results fast.

Increase in session length
Increase in conversion rate
Increase in revenue run rate

These metrics represent the trailing 12 months vs. the trailing 12 months before moving to Shopify Plus.

"We were a Magento house before we decided to move to Shopify Plus. What the migration did was give us more control and insights. Shopify Plus has been a way for us to simplify our business and concentrate on what we do well at Peacock Alley, which is to make sheets."

Jason NeedlemanCEO, Peacock Alley

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