EMPIST (formerly Lumia)

Chicago, United States

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Who are we?

As a long time Shopify Plus Partner, we are able to design and develop anything your (or our) minds can imagine. With us... nothing is impossible. We take pride in going above and beyond, and designing and developing experiences that you and your customers will love. We are not just a design or development agency.

We do not just work on integrations or application development. We are not just a group of creative and marketing brains. We are a team of seasoned marketers, designers, developers, writers, and data intelligence experts. When you work with us, you work with an integrated group of individuals who will not only design or develop, but also work closely with you pre- and post- launch to grow your business. Our websites not only have aesthetic appeal, but they are built with data-driven design and development. No matter how large your project may be, we are the team you want in your corner.

Our leadership is comprised of serial entrepreneurs and executives from Fortune 500 companies like Target and GE. We speak your language and understand your challenges. Our office is located in the heart of the City of Broad Shoulders - Chicago.

- Branding
- User Interface (UI)
- User Experience (UX)
- Wireframes and Planning
- Low-Fidelity Designs (Wire Framing)
- High-Fidelity Designs (Mock Ups)

- Liquid Development
- Custom (Private & Public) Application Development
- API Integrations
- ERP Integrations
- CRM Integrations
- Automation Development

- Data and Analytics
- Launch Strategy
- Launch Execution
- Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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