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Who are we?

Unlock the power of your data and improve your bottom line with Hull's customer data management platform.

Boost your data reliability to 100% in your CRM.

Save hundreds of hours of manual data labor for a fraction of the technical overhead.

Drastically reduce time wasted by creating a reactive sales / marketing workflow.

Eliminate up to 30% unqualified leads from the sales pipeline. Double your lead qualification accuracy for the sales team.

Ensure every lead is qualified before you ever hit the send button.

Free up huge chunks of the marketing budget by extending your platform's capabilities and saving API costs.

Plus, a dedicated Customer Success Manager to guide you through any storm because that's how much we want to solve data pains.

Finally get your technologies talking to each other and get the full view of your customers. Connect your tools with our pre-built integrations, build segments, trigger powerful workflows, get real-time customer profile updates, and accelerate opportunities through the funnel.

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