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Nottingham, NG, United Kingdom Business Est. 2006 www.junowebdesign.com

We’re a leading Shopify Plus agency, working with some of the world’s fastest-growing brands to help them make more money online. Our team of creatives and developers work to revamp your site, launch new marketing strategies and increase your overall revenue. Got a business that needs a little love? We’ll dive into the depths of your brand, walk around in your shoes and help implement your vision.

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The new site wouldn’t have happened without Juno. They’re a really friendly group of guys who do their best to support us and respond quickly. We felt like it was as much their project as it was ours, and the team were outstanding.

Chipo Mapondera, Head of E-commerceAlly Capellino

When I used to think about getting more traffic, it made me want to hide under the bed. Now, I’m confident that we can throw traffic at the site and it won’t fall over. Juno have been helping us get more organic through marketing and content strategies, and the site hasn’t flinched.

Brian Toft, Co-Founder of HanonHanon

We didn’t feel proud of our site, so we weren’t investing any energy into it. Any time we did spend on it was to patch it up and keep it alive. With Juno’s help, and with our lovely new site, we finally have time to focus on growing our business.

Laura Norris, Director at John NorrisJohn Norris