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Who are we?

Nextopia is a SaaS-based technology that uses a powerful machine learning algorithm to filter and sort products, displaying the most popular and relevant products first to convert browsers into buyers. Our technology integrates easily with Shopify Plus and is designed for high-growth, scaling and enterprise-level clients.

The Nextopia platform supercharges your sales and merchandising efforts, provides vital customer insights, and significantly improves your customers’ shopping experience.

Nextopia’s products integrate easily with any online store and are proven to increase conversions and sales. Our search-driven conversion platform includes:

Advanced Site Search

Empower shoppers to effectively narrow their search results or sort by any relevant field such as size, color or brand. Present non-product content such as blog, shipping, video and user-guide information as part of your search results.

Enhanced Autocomplete

Guide your customers toward a sale by displaying popular search suggestions as they type. Save time, avoid spelling errors, and improve customer satisfaction.


Give customers the power to filter and discover products according to their preferences. Nextopia allows for your website to have an unlimited amount of fully customizable filters on any page.

Merchandising Tools

Control product ranking within search results on an automated and scheduled basis. With merchandising you can:
− Display promotional banners
− Create custom landing pages
− Promote select products at top of page

Product Finder

Guide your shoppers through an intuitive and interactive process that leads them to the exact product they’re looking for. Product finder makes your customer’s buying decision simplified and personalized, by asking the right questions in the right sequence, and in the user interface best suited for your product catalog.

Mobile Search Solutions

Nextopia Mobile eCommerce Search is optimized for small screens and features a user interface that eliminates the cumbersome “made for a desktop” feel.

Product Recommendations

Customize your shoppers’ online experience by creating personalized recommendations and easily up selling or cross selling products.

Geo Target

Effortlessly create location-based messaging and campaigns throughout your eCommerce website.

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