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Who are we?

Ometria is a customer insight and cross-channel marketing platform that enables retailers to send personalised, relevant marketing messages throughout the customer lifecycle.

The only retail-focused marketing solution built from the ground up with a focus on data, the Ometria platform collects and aggregates customer data - from transactions to on-site behaviour and marketing interactions to offline data - across all touch points in real time.

With a single customer view in place the platform uses machine learning to profile each contact, providing detailed insight into individuals, dynamic segments, or the customer base as a whole. Behavioural analysis is used to forecast predicted lifetime value, build taste profiles of each customer, and identify churn potential and likely category and timing of next purchase.

Insight from Ometria’s intelligence layer is then used to power a personalised cross-channel marketing strategy, which can be built and automated within the platform’s visual campaign builder. Retail marketers are able to create, segment and split test campaigns across multiple channels - including automated emails, broadcast emails, Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, mobile and direct mail - that are responsive to each customer’s individual behaviour.

Individual marketing messages can be enriched based on each customer’s profile with contextually-relevant content, including personalised product recommendations, dynamic content blocks and dynamic incentives. To ensure the best possible customer experience, marketers have full control over the amount and frequency of campaigns each contact receives.

As well as monitoring marketing engagement metrics across all channels, marketers are able to measure the revenue performance of campaigns, as well as the impact on long-term customer behaviour, all from within the platform.

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