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Who are we?

Order management is the at the heart of what we do. We consolidate orders that flow from multiple channels with clear inventory & fulfilment visibility and then easily queue, manage, and invoice. A critical mass of key functionality, like multi-currency, integrated payment gateways, a fully published API, and import/export capabilities.

Customer management goes way beyond a simple customer record. A full contact centre, captures all the fine details required to support B2C, B2B, corporate, and marketplace orders. A note & task system makes tracking issues and accolades, along with follow ups a breeze! Orderbot can hold specific customer details - re pricing, payment terms, type and commissions.

Whether you have a single or multiple warehouses, generation of picking sheets, packing slips, and invoices, along with inventory locations, scanner support and direct integrations with major ship vendors (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.), Orderbot can get all those orders fulfilled. If you have an exiting WMS or work with 3PLs, Orderbot integrates with those too!

Keeping inventory up to date on a single or multiple Shopify stores is completely transparent. Even if you have a B2B channel, and are selling on Amazon. Orderbot will keep them all up to date with available inventory. There is visibility of inventory into the future, based on orders that will be shipped, and purchase orders that are scheduled to arrive. This allows for pre-sales, and super back-order management.

Salesforce force automation is key to being able to scale. Be it by increasing orders volumes from existing channels, adding new channels, adding additional sales reps, or adding entire new countries. Orderbot is ready to deal with work flows to support your growth, while ensuring customer retention thru consolidated and visible data.

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