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Who are we?

Wondersauce is the new breed of advertising agency, creating products, platforms, campaigns, and content for great companies. We focus on the complete customer journey by helping our clients understand the most relevant ways to reach their audience, on and offline. We are a young, vibrant and smart company comprised of over 100 entrepreneurial people. Our multidisciplinary teams mix visual designers, user experience experts, product managers, marketers, content creators, and agnostic technologists to create a world class partnership that goes beyond a traditional agency-client relationship.

Our philosophy is infrastructure, plus activation. Infrastructure is the bedrock of your business: branding, websites, CMS, CRM, ecommerce, mobile app and analytics. We then activate real people through campaigns, media, marketing and social advertising.

We want to ensure that our clients are ready for the modern consumer by creating all of the necessary components to thrive as a brand. Our belief is that branding and marketing are more than just words, websites, and campaigns it's how interacting with a brand makes you feel. Things have changed and the most successful brands are the ones that aim to provide value and build equity with every single interaction.

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