Ecommerce automation

Free your time for what matters most

Turn tasks into automated workflows so you can get back to business

Ecommerce automation to reorder inventory, segment customers, capture payment, and more

Introducing Shopify Flow

Get more done in less time

Every day your organization faces a flood of tasks, processes, and demands. As you grow, so does your network of systems. So does inefficiency.

Shopify Flow is the first ecommerce automation platform that streamlines manual tasks and simplifies complexity. So you and your team can focus on what matters—growing bigger, faster.

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Simplify tasks

Commerce without all the clicks

Start automating in seconds with easy-to-use templates. Instead of disconnected apps, third-party tools, and workarounds, Flow manages and streamlines your operations in one place.

  • Tag and segment customers based on buying behavior
  • Automate inventory management for low-stock products
  • Standardize merchandising and product organization
  • Track and reward customers based on lifetime spend
  • Automatically cancel high-risk orders or prompt a review

Find out how automation can speed up your growth. Take a look inside the Shopify Plus platform.

“Flow opens us up to strategic initiatives that grow the business. We can better use our team and their skill sets.”

Mehmet DokumcuHead of Ecommerce, Good American
Customer “at risk” in Loyalty Lion
Start win-back email sequence in Klaviyo
Customer placed their second order
Text a discount code with SMSBump
1-star review submitted in
Create customer service ticket in Gorgias

Drive efficiency

Connect your business tools

Simple workflows help you automate the most complex processes. But the power of Flow goes beyond your store. Connectors automate the apps across your business, without a single line of code.

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“Flow allows me to focus on growing the business I love, and doing the things that are going to have long-term impact.”

Nicholas MontgomeryFounder, Shelfies
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Experiment for growth

Time to experiment

Put new campaigns and ideas into action in just a few steps. Create custom workflows that fit your business with a trigger-condition-action formula.

Automate your growth with Shopify Flow

Reward customers

Offer high-value customers personalized service and deals.

Customer spends $300
Tag as VIP

Optimize merchandising

Stay on top of reordering your products based on inventory levels.

Inventory less than 10
Initiate reorder with vendor

Prevent fraud

Flag or cancel high-risk orders to stop fraudulent orders in their tracks.

Risk level high
Prompt a review

“Flow has allowed us to run three Shopify stores without hiring an employee for each one.”

Julio GiannottiWeb Manager, Interline

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