Ecommerce has evolved. Is your business ready for 2021?

Learn about the latest global and regional trends that could impact your business—and dive into the data and insights from our annual report, The Future of Ecommerce in 2021.

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About the event

At the height of disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, ten years of ecommerce growth happened in just 90 days.

Where does this leave brands today? What’s next on the horizon—and how can businesses like yours get ahead of it?

Join our Shopify Plus experts for a discussion on the five biggest ecommerce trends of the year, with a chance to have your questions answered in a live Q&A.

Key takeaways

  • What the disruptions of 2020 mean for the future of retail, from consumer behavior changes to supply chain resilience.
  • Why strategies like custom-branded packaging and sustainable shipping could be key to growing your brand.
  • How to turn each of our five global trends into practical steps you can take to future-proof your business.