Season 1 Episode 01

Business Lessons from Prison, Killer Crowdfunding, and What They Don't Teach You in Business School

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Welcome to TGIM

Welcome to TGIM: the essential podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs.

This is the podcast for people who can’t wait for the week to start. It’s for people who want to unlock their creativity and passion so they can make a living being themselves. It’s for the rising class of DIY creative entrepreneurs who are building new, unique businesses and sharing value with the world.

Every other week we'll be bringing you inspirational stories about entrepreneurs who have overcome obstacles, built incredible businesses, and are now living the life they want. Plus, you’ll hear from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs as they offer their advice and wisdom to help you accelerate your success.

And we’re kicking off this season with some of the most inspiring and unusual stories about starting a business that you’ll ever hear.

Listen to the full episode above and prepare for Monday to become your favorite day of the week.


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Introducing TGIM Shorts

Each episode of TGIM features a variety of segments and stories which we’re also making available as individual “TGIM Shorts”. These are great for consuming à la carte and an easy way to individually share a specific segment of an episode with your friends and followers on social media. You can dive into our first batch below:


"Everything I Needed to Know About Running a Successful Business… I Learned in Prison"

Almost every entrepreneur has had to overcome some serious obstacles before finding success, but there aren’t many whose obstacles include spending much of their adult life in prison. And while almost all entrepreneurs have learned valuable lessons from mentors, there aren’t many whose mentors were convicted murderers.

Meet Robert Nava, one of the most amazing rags to riches stories you’ll ever hear.

Are Five Year Plans a Waste of Time?

Five. Year. Plans.

Consultants and investors will say you NEED one. Countless books and business courses will tell how how to make a great one. But almost everyone is doing it wrong.

Find out the essential first step to a creating a successful business that almost every entrepreneur misses.

Market Testing Horrible Business Ideas

Everyone and their brother has an idea for a business. You’ve probably got one, too. So how do you know if your idea is a goldmine… or a train-wreck?

It’s easy - you have to do the one, crucial thing that most entrepreneurs forget - talk to potential customers.

We hit the streets with some inspired business ideas to show you how it’s done.

Star Trek + Rob Ford + High Tech Bras = Killer Crowdfunding

What do Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu, crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford and bras have in common? They’re all part of the surreal story behind Kickstarter’s most funded fashion project of all time.

3 Crucial Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Business School

Chris Haroun is a venture capitalist in San Francisco. For 20 years, he’s been sitting down with everyone from Warren Buffett to Bill Gates to figure out the secrets of their success. Forbes recently named his new book one of the six books every entrepreneur needs to read right now.

1. How to Get Anything You Want

This is his advice on how to get anything you want. Anything. Seriously.

2. Balance Your Life to Get Ahead

Another of the crucial lessons from the Chris' book is the counter-intuitive secret to success - slow down to get ahead.

3. Listen for “Not No”

This is the one secret he thinks more entrepreneurs need to know to avoid getting “no.”

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