Season 1 Episode 05

Guy Kawasaki, Naming Your Business & East Coast Connections

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Episode 5 of TGIM connects you with some inside advice to help your business thrive. Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon Valley legend and former Chief Evangelist at Apple. He shares the essential advice from his 13 books in two minutes flat. We’ve got the three simple steps to naming your business from the man who named Sirius Satellite Radio, Cingular Wireless and Mach III Razors. And we meet a guy who started his clothing business as a school project and leveraged his connections to get his shirts onto Ed Sheeran and Ghostface Killah.

Listen to the full episode above or dive into to this week's Shorts below.


East Coast Connections

What do pop star Ed Sheeran and rapper Ghostface Killah have in common? Musically speaking, nothing. But take a closer look their favorite t-shirts. They are made by a guy who graduated from college last year and whose multi-million dollar company started as a school project.

Short notes:

The Three Simple Steps to Naming Your Business

Your brand name is probably one of the most important tools you have to shape the perception of your business or product. And if you’ve ever tried to come up with a business name, you know how tough it can be. So we got the guy who named Sirius Satellite Radio, Cingular Wireless and Mach III Razors to share his three simple steps to naming your business.

Short notes:

Business Naming Disasters

The marketplace is littered with abandoned business and product names. Some poorly thought out. Some embarrassing. And some just downright odd. These are some of our favorites.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon Valley legend. Back in 1984 he was one of the original Apple employees who helped to launch Macintosh computer. He went on become the Chief Evangelist at Apple. He’s also an author. Over the past 20 years, Guy Kawasaki has written 13 books, many of them on starting businesses. We met up with Guy at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin and asked him to share his favourite lessons for entrepreneurs.

Short notes:

When Being an Entrepreneur is Against the Law

Starting a business is enough of a challenge with time crunches, getting the right financing and convincing people that your idea actually makes sense. Now what if, on top of all that, starting your own business was illegal? This is the remarkable story of one man who broke the law and ended up building an iconic business in Cuba, long before warmer relationships with neighbours like the United States created an more hospitable climate for entrepreneurs.

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