Season 1 Episode 06

Tips from a Crowdfunding Insider, Business Improv and How to Tell a Great Story

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This episode of TGIM is all about how a great story can help you grow your business. Danae Ringelmann, the co-founder of crowdfunding giant Indiegogo, shares the 3 secret ingredients to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Meet two moms who started a business that takes the stress out of buying birthday gifts and raises millions of dollars for charity along the way. Discover the secret technique every jazz musicians knows, and every salesperson needs to learn. And meet a woman who founded a successful business not by competing on price, but by telling a better story.

Listen to the full episode above or dive into to this week's Shorts below.


Two Moms Solved The Worst Part Of Kids’ Birthday Parties

Any parent can tell you that kids birthday parties can we magical… and horrific. Every weekend involves trips to the toy store with new parties to go to and new gifts to buy and wrap. Meet two moms who turned their own frustration into great birthday party experience and a successful business called ECHOage.

Short notes:

Improv… For Business

Jazz musicians know how to do it. So do comedians. Salespeople? Not so much. So here’s your big opportunity… The art of improvising and thinking on your feet could be the best sales lesson you ever learn.

Short notes:

Forget About Price: Compete With a Great Story Instead

Every coffee company has an angle. Folgers made it fast. Nabob made it romantic. Starbucks made it hip. And today, artisanal coffee is making it expensive! And as one new business in Texas discovered, the key to convincing consumers to pay a lot more for their coffee is a really good story.

Short notes:

Indiegogo’s Insider Tips for Successful Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is big business. It’s estimated that over 30 billion dollars was raised through crowd funding last year alone. One recent report projected that this year, it might account for more funding than venture capital. And Indiegogo is one of the crowdfunding giants that built the industry. We got the inside scoop on how you can increases your odds of having a successful crowdfunding campaign from Indiegogo’s co-founder, Danae Ringelmann.

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