Season 1 Episode 08

The Perils of Becoming Too Successful, the Neuroscience of Memorable Content, and Advice from the Founders of Soulcycle

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This week, TGIM is all about success. Discover how the founders of SoulCycle built a hugely success business by creating a movement around their brand. Learn how to use neuroscience to make successful content. Hear how one company’s success was built using bulldozers to create an adult playground. And meet one entrepreneur with a very unusual problem - too much success.

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Start Using Neuroscience So People Remember Your Content

Did your team start drifting off during your last powerpoint presentation? Is your latest blog post still looking for its first reader? And - gasp - are your tweets not being retweeted? Sounds like you could use some cutting-edge neuroscience to help you make things that people will never forget.

Short notes:

SoulCycle’s Founders on How to Build a Movement Around Your Brand

Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice founded SoulCycle because they wanted to have more fun while working out. So they put a new spin on spinning classes and built a business with a fanatical following. They share their tips on how to create a movement around YOUR brand.

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The Best Worst Problem - What To Do When You’re TOO Successful

When you start a business, you want it to be successful. But what happens if your business becomes TOO successful? This is a cautionary tale about a business that did so actually fell victim to its own growth. Here’s what you need to know so the same thing doesn’t happen to you.

Short notes:

Can You Dig it? Yes, You Can. (But Only In Vegas)

Have you ever walked by construction site after hours, seen some machinery, and had the urge to jump in and start it up? A thriving business in Las Vegas will help you satisfy that urge... without getting hurt or arrested. And you just might be surprised to learn who their customers are.

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