Season 1 Episode 09

The Homeless Entrepreneur, Hubspot’s CMO on the Power of Inbound Marketing and How to Tell a Great Story

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Your business may have a great story, but is anyone listening? This week, TGIM is chock-full of ways to use the power of narrative to build your business: storytelling secrets from GoDaddy's Shawn Pfunder, inbound marketing advice from Hubspot’s CMO Kipp Bodner and the remarkable story of a homeless entrepreneur who started a cookie business.

Listen to the full episode above or dive into to this week's Shorts below.


The Homeless Entrepreneur

There are a million reasons to put off starting a business. But Jason Mercado doesn’t believe in excuses. He started his business in extreme conditions, while he was homeless and living in a shelter.

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Hubspot’s CMO on the Power of Inbound Marketing

HubSpot is the world’s largest inbound marketing agency, and they have a reputation for getting results. Kipp Bodnar is Hubspot’s CMO and he explains how to use inbound marketing to accelerate the growth of your business, and turn strangers into customers.

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How to Tell a GREAT Story

Successful businesses need to tell compelling stories. Think of brands like Apple or Nike and how important the stories of those companies are to their identities. So what’s the story of your business? Shawn Pfunder is the Editor-in-Chief at GoDaddy and he’s got a few simple steps to help you become a great storyteller.

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Ripped Bodice Bookstore

Starting up a bricks-and-mortar bookstore in 2016 might not seem like a strong business play, considering the uncertain future of many booksellers. But sometimes the best plays are unexpected. This is the story of The Ripped Bodice, a new bookstore in Culver City, California. Two sisters are trying to bring a popular genre of fiction out of the shadows, and they’ve found a market waiting for them, longingly, with beating heart and bated breath.

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