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The home and garden POS that does it all

Create standout customer experiences while simplifying operations at up to 1,000 stores.

Three images showcase in-store experiences with Shopify POS including in-store pickup, tap payments, and PIN entry.

All plants, all pillows, all sales, all staff

Grow your home and garden business with the world’s most powerful commerce platform

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In-Store experience

Cultivate lasting loyalty

A tablet running Shopify POS sits on a counter next to a product. On the screen, the product details page displays inventory availability for the product.
Inside a plant store, a fiddle-leaf fig tree sits on the sales floor. Below, the same tree is being loaded into a delivery van. Next to it, a map showing the delivery route of the plant from the store to the customer.
A customer profile for Lydia Dias. In the profile is the following information. Customer for: 3 years, 8 months. Total orders: 5. Total spent to date: $12,045.37. Notes: loves neutrals, planning a dining room refresh.
An email marketing interface showing an email with a unique discount being sent to a specific customer segment.

Deliver exceptional service

Give your team the ultimate in-store POS with access to inventory levels, product details, and shipping info in the palm of their hands.

Offer flexible shopping

Blend in-store and online experiences and offer flexible order fulfillment like in-store pickup and ship to home.

Unify customer data

Get a complete picture of customers with profiles that track purchases and behavior everywhere they shop, online and in store.

Create loyalty incentives

Use unified insights to create effective loyalty programs and discounting strategies that bring customers back.

Founder, Tomer Botner, stands outside Florentine Kitchen Knives with an associate.

We design [knives] and offer customizations. The POS hardware and software makes life easier for staff and checkout smoother for customers.

Multi-store management

Redesign retail operations

A screen from Shopify displaying the ability to manage staff and what they have access to within Shopify POS.
A screen from Shopify displaying the availability of a product across multiple locations.
A report from Shopify displaying total sales and the breakdown between online and in-store purchases.
A screen from the Shopify App Store showing five popular apps for Point of Sale users: Endear CRM and Clienteling, Marselllo Loyalty & Marketing, EasyTeam POS Staff Management, Zapiet Pickup and Delivery, and Thrive by Shopventory.

Manage large teams

Oversee store staff from head office with the ability to set permissions, award commissions, and monitor performance.

Streamline inventory

Manage inventory online and in store from a single place and get the right products in the right places with forecasting tools.

Centralize reports

Manage up to 1,000 stores from a central location with real-time reporting on sales, orders, inventory, and stores.

Customize functionality

Choose from thousands of apps and embedded extensions to tailor Shopify to your business, no coding required.

A sales associate hands a customer a bag. In the foreground, a counter with a line of Shopify POS tablets and terminals ready for checkout.

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