A woman in a Nobull sweatshirt posing in a retail store Shelves of Nobull athletic shoes in a range of colors Shopping for Nobull shoes on a mobile phone

Here’s how it works

Learn how Shopify comes together to help you sell everywhere, manage everything, and seize every opportunity.

“When you’re a small business, time really matters. If you’re looking to scale, you really have to find systems like Shopify that make processes easier.”
Juliana DiSimone, Partner | tokyobike

Point of sale

Unforgettable retail experiences

Sell in person at retail locations, pop-ups, and more.

Shopify POS app in use on a touchscreen tablet, with card reader hardware

Integrated POS hardware and software

Manage your store, make sales, and accept payments with an intuitive POS and wireless card readers.

Streamlined store operations

Keep products, payments, and customers in sync everywhere you sell, in-store and online.

More tools to convert sales

Never lose a sale with built-in remarketing tools and flexible shopping options, like ship-to-home.

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Shopify POS app in use on a touchscreen tablet A woman in a Nobull shirt uses the Shopify POS to sell athletic shoes Shopify POS card reader hardware
Nobull's online store, displaying a single women's athletic shoe with several photos in a range of sizes
A Nobull athletic shoe with an 'add' button

Online store

An online home for your brand

Sell online with an ecommerce website.

Nobull's online store, displaying a single women's athletic shoe with several photos in a range of sizes

Simple website design

Choose from a variety of customizable themes—no designer or developer required.

Built-in payments

Get the world’s most powerful online checkout for your business.

Online tools to drive in-store traffic

Offer local pickup, show what’s in-stock in store, and chat with customers right on your site.

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Sales channels

More ways to extend your reach

Sell on social media, online marketplaces, and more.

Social media

Grow your audience and sales by boosting awareness on social media networks like Instagram and Facebook.

Online marketplaces

Expand your reach and your business when you tap into the largest customer bases in the world like Amazon.

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“Shopify, Shopify POS, and the back end reporting has helped us analyze our business in a way that we couldn’t before. Having one system for everything has been really, really helpful.”
Ale Tarver, Sales Manager | Assembly New York

What one back office means for your business

  • Powerful inventory management

    Add products once and assign quantities to each location. Whether in-store or online, your inventory will stay synced as products are received, sold, returned, or transferred.

  • Integrated payments and hardware

    In-person and online payments processing comes included with every plan. Stay in control of cash flow and enjoy low rates and quick payouts from Shopify Payments.

  • Better customer relationships

    Customer profiles can track a buyer’s in-store and online order history, making it easy to drive repeat purchases or reward your biggest fans.

  • Streamlined order fulfillment

    Shipping online orders from your website or social? Preparing in-store orders for curbside pickup or local delivery? Manage and fulfill them all with Shopify.

  • Holistic reporting and analytics

    Stop reconciling data across your in-store and online systems. Always know how your business is performing with unified reports that help you see your big picture.

  • 24/7 support

    No more waiting on hold with your various service providers. Unify sales on Shopify and have one all-in support team ready to help with every part of your business.

How will you sell with Shopify?

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