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Brands that use Shopify

  • Cee Cee's Closet
  • Nalata Nalata
  • Kirrin Finch
  • Tokyo Bike
  • Meso Goods
  • Coco and Breezy
  • Brooklyn Museum
  • Adore Me

“I had all my signs and my branding ready to go and it was a matter of is this going to work… but people loved it, it wasn’t just in my head.”

Beena | Baby Wisp


    1. Tap into a skillset you have and use free tools.
    2. Save six months’ worth of expenses.
    3. Ask your family and friends for startup funds.
    4. Find out about local small business grants and funding opportunities.
    5. Apply for a small business loan.
    6. Look into potential angel investors.
    1. Find a business idea
    2. Write your business plan
    3. Secure financing to fund your business
    4. Choose a business structure
    5. Get federal and state tax ID numbers
    6. Obtain a business license and permits
    7. Open a business bank account
    8. Get business insurance
    9. Select your tools and software
    10. Build your team
    11. Market your business
  • There’s never a specific right time to start a business. You should start a business when you have the time and attention to commit to it. However, there’s no problem with starting while you are still working another job.

    1. Dropshipping
    2. Print on demand
    3. Tax preparation and bookkeeping
    4. Handmade products
    5. Digital products
    6. Photography
    7. Video games
    8. Self-published author
    9. Pet product retailer
    10. Thrifting