Build for the future of returns

Return management is getting easier with our first Return APIs—now merchants have greater visibility and control over their returns, across all platforms.

Learn more about Return APIs here.

Build for the future of returns

Improve the returns experience with better data continuity

Visibility and control

Reduce merchants’ administrative burden, which comes from reviewing different data in multiple systems.

Streamline returns

Give merchants valuable time back by helping them manage returns faster and more efficiently across platforms.

Data-driven decisions

Help merchants make better fulfillment, inventory, and accounting decisions with a full view of their returns activity.

Improved buyer experience

Decrease friction between systems, helping merchants make returns a seamless and positive experience for buyers.

A representation of the way a product return is displayed on a web interface, where the category is "return in progress" and an image of a hat is displayed inline.

Get access to critical actions and data

Data syncing

Create and retrieve information about new returns.


Accurately associate refunded orders to returns.


Trigger email notifications to buyers from Shopify.

New webhooks

Get notifications when changes are made to a return.

Shipping labels

Add your own shipping labels to a return and have this reflect in Shopify.

Item inspection

Update item inspection notes and understand the result of an inspection in Shopify.

Here’s what our early adopters have to say

”This is the foundation that will unlock the optimal returns experience for all Shopify Merchants and their customers. More importantly, the Return APIs provides the platform where all vendors can integrate, resulting in more robust data that encompasses the full customer journey.”

Aaron Schwartz, President | Loop Loop Returns' logo

“The new Shopify Return APIs will enable a much deeper integration between Narvar and Shopify, ensuring that merchants have access to the most up-to-date and accurate data across both platforms. …[T]hese brand new APIs will make it simpler for Narvar to develop new features at scale that will further benefit merchants using both platforms.”

Ram Ravichandran, Chief Technology Officer | Narvar Narvar Returns' logo

“Through our continued partnership with Shopify and their investments in Return APIs, we are working towards making it easier for merchants to manage returns within Shopify, while offering our world-class return experience to their customers, driving retention and growth.”

Enric Gili Fort, Director of Product Management | Returnly Returnly's logo

“The new Shopify Return APIs are an excellent evolution, making returns a top-quality feature within Shopify’s ecosystem. …Now when merchants select a return and exchange solution like Happy Returns, it decreases friction with third-party logistics processes and systems, as they can now all utilize Shopify as a source of truth.”

Sanaz Hajizadeh, Senior Manager of Product | Happy Returns Happy Returns' logo

Return APIs are now publicly available

Learn more about Return APIs here.