Fetch- Digital downloads for Shopify

Fetch- Digital downloads for Shopify

Fetch is an application developed by Pixellent for bringing digital goods delivery to Shopify.

from the product page :

Selling digital products like music, photos and software has never been easier. Fetch is the smartest, freshest, most elegant digital delivery application that makes selling digital goods simple. Your information is hosted on our fast, reliable and secure web servers, so transactions are worry free. Simply add digital items and our automated system will do the rest!

Once setup, fetch will automatically contact your customers with the download instructions for your digital goods. Digital items are hosted on their secure servers and are only made available for actual customers.

Its fantastic to see the Shopify eco-system growing just prior to the launch of our Open API thanks to our wonderful customer base and passionate store owners. We hope that this is the first of many businesses build around Shopify, best of luck to Pixellent.