Moving Day

Moving Day

Good news: Shopify has a new PixelPlex!

Today seems very far from the days when the Shopify team used the local Bridgehead coffee shop as their virtual office. After several months of bribing the baristas to look the other way as they took up tables for hours on end, Scott, Tobi and Daniel moved into a charming office space in late 2005. The office was conveniently located on Elgin street in Ottawa, the right price, and perfect for three people – you can see the original “moving in” pictures here. And when jaded Pixel grew, the space was even perfect for four. Then five. But when we hit nine, well, things got a little tight:

Tobi and Cody at close quarters

A day wasn’t complete without blowing a fuse from using too much power, without pushing your chair back and knocking the person behind you over, or without having to make your phone calls in the hallway (much to our neighbours’ dismay!) We were bursting at the seams and definitely ready for a change. We’ve been searching for new office space for several months now and finally, as of yesterday, we’ve moved in! Our new digs are at 185 Rideau Street in Ottawa – right in the heart of the ByWard Market. Our new space is about four times the size of the old one, with lovely exposed stone walls, shiny polished concrete floors and best of all, plenty of room for everyone without having to trip over each other.

Chairs to distribute and desks to assemble

Working around the ladders

First things first – set up the TV

Wide open spaces til we get the new walls in

We’re still putting on the finishing touches – such as installing cool, funky Starwalls to create a boardroom and meeting room, finishing the light fixtures, getting some new furniture in and getting everyone settled into their new roomy spots. We’ll be uploading more photos to the Flickr stream as work progresses, so keep checking. Once we’re finished, we’ll definitely be celebrating and inviting everyone – so stay tuned for the details!