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Import from osCommerce and WordPress to Shopify

Have you always wanted to migrate to Shopify but never wanted to take the time to actually upload all of your products? Have you told friends on other ecommerce platforms they should switch to Shopify, only to hear that it’s too much work to change platforms?

Well, now there’s no excuse, just use Importer

Importer is an application that uses the Shopify API to import content from other platforms on the web into Shopify. Currently, you can import all of your products from an osCommerce shop into Shopify, and you can import all of your blog posts, comments, and pages from a WordPress blog into Shopify with Importer. We plan to expand the options in the future to include other platforms on the web.

We would love to hear feedback from anyone who uses Importer, and suggestions for the future, what do you wish you could import into Shopify?

Importer has been released as an open source project via GitHub if anyone is interested in the source code. Contributions to the project are also welcome.

Here are two screencasts showing you how to use Importer.

We recommend watching the high-resolution version on Vimeo.

We recommend watching the high-resolution version on Vimeo.