Videos at the Frontlines

Product videos have been at the frontlines of online retailing for some time now. Not only they can be a better way for representing products and improving conversion rates, they can also be a very good source of new traffic to the store through online social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook. They are a major component of viral marketing for the shop.

For some inspiration take a look at a wide range of examples to get a good idea of how different retailers are using videos on their sites.

However what really inspired this post was Innovid’s new launch . With this engaging feature it seems like videos might be able to replace static pictures completely in the future. You can seamlessly integrated interactive experience into video content for viewers to engage with. A video doesn’t need to be only a short clip overflowing with a lot of information about a product. Rather a more attractive way of interaction. Read more about this in a post on the clickable canvas .

Last but not least, another neat trick for using videos can be placing them for e-mail clients. An e-mail marketing website called StyleCampaign presents a very good post explaining ways to achieve this. Read about it in converting video to gif for emails .