Increase your conversion rates with Google Website Optimizer

Increase your conversion rates with Google Website Optimizer

Woo hoo! A tool to increase your conversion rates. Shopify now has native integration with Google Website Optimizer.

With Google Website Optimizer you can run experiments on your pages which help increase conversion rates. Google Website Optimizer is a free tool from Google that lets you test different variations on your pages.

For example, here is how you could test variations on your product description:

  1. Block off the part of your product page where the description is displayed.
  2. Tell Google the different descriptions you want to test for that product.
  3. Sit back and let Google do all of the experimenting for you!
  4. Receive a report from Google telling you which description yielded the best conversion rates for you.

You can also test multiple parts of a page. Test several different descriptions, titles, and images for a single product and let Google tell you which combination is most effective.

Check out the marketing section of your shop admin to set up your own experiments!