Shopify App Showcase: FreshBooks Integrator

FreshBooks Accountancy & Bookkeeping Integrator

FreshBooks Integrator - This is the Shopify App Showcase, where we profile a new app from the Shopify App Store every week, describing its features and how a storeowner can benefit from using it. Feel free to leave some feedback about things you’d like to see in the next profile.

FreshBooks Accountancy & Bookkeeping Integrator

The FreshBooks Integrator is an app that imports invoices from your Shopify store info into your FreshBooks account in real time. FreshBooks is a great online invoicing suite for businesses, and with the integrator you can now import your Shopify sales data seamlessly, saving yourself what can amount to hours of work every month.

As your business grows keeping track of your invoices and handling your taxes becomes more difficult, especially when you consider importing data across different platforms. The FreshBooks Integrator resolves this problem beautifully.

Find out more and install this app in the App Store or visit the app developer’s website at cto.