App Roundup!

App Roundup!

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Howdy partners!

We’ve noticed that crazy fantastic things can happen to a shop’s revenue when they install apps, so today we’ve rounded up an interesting selection for you.

What if you could show ads to people who just left your shop?

Retargeting is an advertisement technique that brings visitors back to your shop by showing them your ads on sites they visit later. It’s a great way to generate more sales and keep your brand in the heads of customers you know are interested in your shop because they’ve already visited.

Bring potential customers back by using advertising through AdRoll’s retargeting service.

Check out AdRoll Retargeting in the App Store

AdRoll Retargeting

Anafore Ignite

Referral marketing is an easy way of letting your customers find new leads for you. It’s a simple idea: give discount codes to customers for them to give to their friends.

Anafore Ignite makes this process easy by setting up all the boring email lists for you and presenting email campaign analytics in a straightforward way, letting you judge how well the discount is working for your shop.

Finally a simple and smart solution to amplify the recommendation power of our customers. The engine has started. – David H, Raz*War Europe
Ignite was fast and easy to set up. We love the clean UI and the stats. Fits well with the ease of use of Shopify. – Kai V, eBoy Shop North America

Bundling products is a great way to move more inventory and increase sales, but figuring out what to bundle is a painful, manual process. What should be bundled? When should you display each bundle?

ExpressRex Recommendations just came out with a new feature that takes the manual labour and guesswork out of bundling, letting you do this in your storefront: ExpressRex Recommendations Looks good! Why don’t you give it a shot in your own shop?

Check out ExpressRex Recommendations in the App Store

The Roundup Continues!

The Roundup Continues!