Shopify & Mixergy eCommerce Spotlight: Vend-A-Snack

Shopify & Mixergy eCommerce Spotlight: Vend-A-Snack

Here's a new and innovative way to get your daily fix of M&M's, Skittles, and chewing gum! Shopify store Vend-A-Snack is an online vending machine that's shipping treats right to your door. 

The concept is really easy: Choose any 24 items from a huge selection of chips, crackers, chocolate bars, gum, nuts and even breakfast foods. Every box is always $24 and US shipping is always free. 

Harley Finkelstein, our Chief Platform Officer, was on Mixergy with Andrew Warner giving a Masters Class in boosting eCommerce sales.  Harley used 12 different Shopify stores as examples and you can watch an excerpt on Vend-A-Snack below: 

Watch the entire 50 minute Mixergy Webinar where Harley and Andrew discuss clever ideas from 12 of the best online stores on the web.