Guru Webinar: Interview with Mafia Jewelry

Guru Webinar: Interview with Mafia Jewelry




The Gurus have a surprise coming your way next Friday, July 1st.

We're going to be interviewing a Shopify store owner who has run a super successful shop. We're not saying who but here's a hint, celebrities have shopped at this store.

The video is going to be pre-recorded because it's Canada Day on Friday and the gurus will be busy partying like a rampage of mooses (or is the plural meese?).

To keep our webinars in the spirit of "customer interactivity" (I just made up that word) we need your questions beforehand.

If you could ask one of your fellow Shopfiers a BUSINESS question, what would it be?

Post your questions below.

Some examples:

  • How did you find a manufacturer?
  • Do you have any hustling tactics?
  • Did you do a big launch for your site?
  • Are you available to babysit on Thursday night?


Note: I know many of the comments below are more technical related so the gurus will be emailing you directly with answers :)

If you have any technical questions, please email