Shopify & Mixergy eCommerce Spotlight: Acts of Random Kindness

Shopify & Mixergy eCommerce Spotlight: Acts of Random Kindness
The idea is simple: You must perform one Act of Random Kindness (an Ark°) every time you wear their brand.

Ark° is an online clothing company that's more than just t-shirts and sweaters. It's a not-for-profit movement that, as the picture to the left suggests, has been fighting meanness since 2008. They encourage Acts of Random Kindness through their brand of course, but they also print friendly suggestions on each article of clothing they sell. One slogan, for instance, says: "Festival booze queues? Buy an extra beer for that guy at the back of the line." 

The whole company is modelled to reflect their goal of changing society from 'I' to 'We'. You can even help design t-shirts and suggest how they spend profits through their Facebook page. Very cool. 

Shopify's Chief Platform Officer, Harley, was on Mixergy a couple weeks ago to discuss how certain online shops can benefit from adopting a bit of Ark°'s mentality. Check out the video below:


You can also watch the entire 50 minute Mixergy Webinar where Harley & Andrew discuss clever ideas from 12 of the best online stores on the web.