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Store Owner Interview: The Wallee and Pix & Stix

Store Owner Interview: The Wallee and Pix & Stix


In this week's interview with a successful Shopify store owner I interview Alon Tamir, owner of two Shopify stores.

Alon's first Shopify store was The Wallee, an iPad case with a twist. The Wallee has a space on the back that allows it to attach to various mounts. For his newest product, Pix & Stix, Alon launched the Shopify store before production began and used pre-orders to finance the eventual production.

Given Alon's experience with outsourced manufacturing and distribution, I tried to focus on those topics in the interview. We also talk about The Wallee's recent partnership with another company which helped expand their reach, why he offers free shipping on all orders and ecommerce in Australia.