Ecommerce Seller Guide: How to compete with Amazon delivery in Singapore

Give your business a boost with delivery services that rival Amazon's.

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge into ecommerce. You’ve set up your online store, carefully planned your inventory, organized your payment gateway, and put your marketing and customer service systems in place. But what about getting your products to your customers in Singapore? With Amazon and other major retailers raising the bar for delivery services, how can you compete?

Online shoppers have come to expect fast deliveries of their online purchases. This is especially true because big ecommerce brands and Amazon shipping to Singapore can organize deliveries within a day. How can you compete with Amazon to get your products delivered quickly and safely as a smaller business? The answer is to partner with a reliable delivery partner.

A reputable third-party delivery service can give Amazon ecommerce competitors an edge, especially in Singapore, where express delivery options are widely available. There are many great Amazon delivery competitors in Singapore. You just need to find one that will keep your customers happy. This guide will show you exactly how to do that by helping you understand what to look for and what options are available in Singapore.

5 Things to consider if you want to compete with Amazon in Singapore

As an online merchant in Singapore, you need to know the factors that make you a viable Amazon competitor to your customers. While your online business may not be as big as Amazon, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be better than them in certain areas. Think about what your business can do better than Amazon and compete on those fronts. Here are a few ways that your online shop can do better than Amazon in Singapore.

1. Product specialization

Amazon is an online retailer that sells many things. These include electronic products, groceries, home appliances, and fashion. Many companies trying to compete with Amazon do so by having the same wide range of items available on their online shop. This can be a mistake.

If you’re new to ecommerce, why not consider specializing in only one product or type of product? For example, your online store could focus on selling fitness technology. While Amazon does have fitness technology such as fitness trackers for sale, their range is very broad, which can confuse customers and dissuade them from making a purchase. By focusing on building a thoughtful range of products in one category, you can establish yourself as a strong Singaporean competitor to Amazon in that category.

2. Good quality delivery

With Amazon providing same-day, next-day, and two-day delivery options, offering the same delivery timeframes to your customers in Singapore is key to competing with the retail giant. But, if you can’t compete with Amazon’s delivery speed, consider providing a delivery experience that exceeds Amazon’s.

One example of an improved delivery experience? Using eco-friendly packaging to protect your products in transit. Many customers are increasingly concerned about the environment. This small gesture will create a superior delivery experience for your customer and build a stronger brand reputation for your online store.

3. Personalized customer service

Another area where your online shop can compete with Amazon is by providing personalized services. Some examples include offering a small free gift with a minimum order purchase, sending a personal thank you note to the customer with the order confirmation, or providing a membership scheme for discounts on future purchases.

4. Online tracking

Customers like to know where their order is at all times while it’s in transit. One way you can compete with Amazon shipping to Singapore is by using a delivery service with real-time tracking of deliveries. Almost all Amazon delivery competitors in Singapore offer 24/7 real-time tracking through their website, and some also provide time or date-definite delivery options, so the customer knows exactly when their order will arrive.

5. Delivery with insurance

Amazon’s shipping fee to Singapore doesn’t include insurance. As such, you can provide a better delivery experience by offering insurance with your delivery service. This usually covers damage to goods during delivery, as long as your packages were packaged well. Luckily, many Amazon delivery competitors in Singapore offer insurance as standard in their shipment pricing.

How to pick an Amazon delivery competitor

Now that you know how you can add value to your customer’s delivery experience to compete with Amazon, you can decide which delivery service in Singapore to use. Choosing the best delivery service for your brand can help you become one of Amazon’s ecommerce competitors for fast and safe product delivery.

Many delivery services provide same-day, next-day, and two-day delivery in Singapore and some even offer additional features that rival or improve upon Amazon’s delivery experience. Here’s what to look for when choosing an Amazon delivery competitor that works for your business:

  • Multiple delivery options so you or your customers can pick the one best suited to your shipment.
  • Fast delivery times—within Singapore, you should be able to deliver orders within a few hours.
  • Real-time tracking so customers can always see exactly where their order is.
  • A good level of insurance included in the shipment cost.
  • Good customer reviews.
  • A track record of on-time deliveries.
  • Options for multiple same-day deliveries or multi-stop routes so that you can maximize the number of deliveries made in a day while saving on costs.
  • What proof of delivery options are offered.

It’s also important to remember that you may not need to pick just one Amazon delivery competitor to offer a delivery experience that competes with the retail giant. If your business will be sending different types of packages within Singapore and to destinations across the world, then it might be useful to try a shipping aggregator like EasyShip to ensure you get the best shipping rates and delivery experience every time.

Amazon delivery competitors in Singapore

Singapore has numerous couriers offering same-day delivery services that can help local brands become Amazon ecommerce competitors by delivering orders as quickly as possible. Here are some of the best express delivery services in town.


LalaMove is an app that provides on-demand delivery for same-day deliveries. Their business logistics service can deliver packages across Singapore within 55 minutes of being picked up. It also comes with great extras like real-time tracking, multi-stop routes, and a fleet of vehicle types that can help you offer a great delivery experience to your customers.

iXpress Logistics

iXpress Logistics provides some of the best express delivery options in Singapore. They’re also very affordable—their base rate is just SG$7. Their fastest service will deliver your orders within 60-90 minutes of being picked up, with rates starting from SG$11.20. However, the range of delivery options includes three-hour, two-way, and same-day delivery by 10 pm. They also operate 24/7 and offer real-time online tracking and text and email delivery notifications.


With its two-hour express and four-hour same-day delivery services, Pickupp can be considered one of Singapore’s top Amazon delivery competitors. If you opt for their monthly user scheme, you can also take advantage of their real-time GPS tracking, SG$200 insurance per parcel, proof of delivery, and cash-on-delivery services. Pickupp also offers specialized services for ecommerce, food and beverage, and retail and luxury brands, as well as focused logistics services like instant parcel collection and last-mile delivery.


SendSingapore is your one-stop option for three-hour express delivery, same-day delivery, and next-day delivery for deliveries in Singapore—all with 24/7 online tracking, of course. All orders can be handled seamlessly through their app or digital platform, making it a breeze to organize multiple deliveries at once. They also have an edge on Amazon when it comes to insurance— each delivery is insured for up to S$500. In addition, they focus on offering sustainable delivery options—they work with multiple partners to reduce carbon emissions.


GrabExpress is an Amazon delivery competitor in Singapore. The on-demand service provides same-day delivery, though there are several options available depending on your shipment. The four-hour service is great for small, non-perishable parcels, while the car or bike services will deliver things like flowers and food in 90 minutes, and the large service can be used for furniture and appliances. All services offer SG$500 insurance, cashless payments, and photo proof of delivery. Where GrabExpress surpasses Amazon, though, is with its real-time delivery tracking that customers and retailers can access through the Grab app.


uParcel offers several useful delivery options, including time-specific services, one-hour rush options, and a two-way round-trip service. Perhaps the best part, though, is that uParcel offers flat-rate pricing depending on the parcel size and transport method. All shipments include SG$100 insurance coverage as well as online tracking.


GOGOX can deliver items on the same day, whether they weigh 500g or 5,000kg. Their on-demand fleet of drivers responds within 10-15 minutes of placing a delivery order through the GOGOX app. They also offer a pre-paid program for businesses that can help keep shipping costs down. And, because they also handle same-day deliveries for F&B providers, they’re a solid competitor to Amazon for delivering perishables and fragile items.

If your products are perishable, choose a delivery service in Singapore that keeps perishables fresh to compete with Amazon.

FAQs about competing with Amazon shipping in Singapore

How fast is Amazon shipping to Singapore?

Amazon shipping to Singapore can range from same-day delivery to up to two weeks, depending on the location of the supplier. Amazon suppliers situated in Singapore can get their items delivered anywhere in Singapore on the same day they receive an order. For ecommerce retailers located in Singapore, you can easily compete with Amazon by using express and same-day delivery services to quickly get your orders to local customers while offering a value-added service that includes tracking and insurance at a low price.

Does Amazon deliver perishables to Singapore?

Amazon has a warehouse in Singapore that supplies perishables such as frozen and chilled food as well as fruit and vegetables. This enables them to deliver perishable items in Singapore on the same day. If your online business deals in perishable—such as food and flowers, for example—you could use same-day delivery services from companies with experience in shipping perishable goods in Singapore, like GOGOX and GrabExpress. This will allow you to be a reliable Amazon delivery competitor for these types of items.

Does Amazon provide real-time delivery tracking to their customer?

Amazon notifies its customers of the delivery date and time but doesn’t provide real-time delivery tracking, although the customer receives an SMS notification once the delivery is complete. This is one aspect that your online business can do better than Amazon. Most delivery services in Singapore offer real-time tracking, giving you an edge over Amazon’s delivery options.

How much do third-party delivery services cost?

The cost of third-party delivery services will depend on the size of your shipment, as well as the distance traveled and delivery timeframe. The base price for delivering small items, food, and perishables to be delivered within the hour on the same day starts from as little as SG$5. For next-day delivery of small items, prices start from SG$6. In Singapore, courier services tend to offer very competitive pricing, so you’ll want to make your choice based on how quickly the shipment needs to reach your customer and what extra services—like insurance—you might want.

Compete with Amazon delivery services in Singapore

If you want your online store to compete with Amazon in Singapore, you should focus on creating a great delivery service for your customers. This means offering delivery options that are very fast and offer real-time tracking and insurance. Of course, they should be affordable, too.

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