How to Use EasyParcel for Parcel Delivery in Singapore

EasyParcel SG shipments in a truck.

Whether you’re running a small ecommerce site in Singapore or a high-volume global online store, getting your orders to your customers safely and on time is essential. This means you'll need flexible shipping solutions that can respond quickly to your business’s ever-changing needs — that’s where EasyParcel SG can help.

No matter what stage of the ecommerce journey you’re at, EasyParcel SG offers a wide range of shipping options that will get orders to your customers in good time while helping you keep costs down. This guide will help you understand the service, how your EasyParcel rate is calculated, delivery times, and how to use EasyParcel and Shopify to streamline your shipping.

What is EasyParcel?

EasyParcel SG is a shipping aggregator established in June 2014. It currently operates in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The web-based platform offers ecommerce retailers based in these countries easy—and often discounted—shipping solutions with nearly 100 couriers. Users can compare courier options for every shipment and select the one that works best for them.

EasyParcel SG can be a useful shipping tool for Singapore-based merchants, no matter what stage of the ecommerce journey they’re on. For small start-ups, the flexibility to choose cost-effective couriers is useful; retailers who have scaled their business can take advantage of its open API to develop bespoke solutions that give them more control over their shipping. No matter what stage a business is in, all retailers can use EasyParcel’s suite of marketing tools to create custom promotional messages that extend the branding process and improve the customer experience.

How Does EasyParcel Work?

Just sign up for EasyParcel SG and set up your account. You’ll then be ready to start sending out your shipments.

For every EasyParcel delivery, you will have to provide some information to ensure that your parcel goes to the right place and easily passes through customs at the destination country. This information includes:

  • A name, email, phone number, and address for sender and receiver.
  • Specific parcel details, including an item category, description with brand names, price, and Harmonized System code.

Whether you’re shipping domestically or want to use EasyParcel international shipping, the platform offers three methods for setting up a shipment.


Integrate EasyParcel with your online store using these steps:

  1. Integrate EasyParcel SG with your ecommerce platform.
  2. Set up your store to automatically push orders through to EasyParcel.
  3. When you have shipments ready, print the waybills and attach them to each parcel.
  4. Your chosen courier(s) will pick up the parcel(s) from you.

Single parcel shipments

Only sending out one order? Here’s how to make that shipment with EasyParcel SG:

  • Fill in all the shipment details to get a quote.
  • Compare all your courier options and book your preferred choice.
  • Print the waybills and attach them to each parcel.
  • Wait for the courier to pick up your parcels.

Bulk Parcels

If you're sending out lots of orders at once, follow these steps to simplify your shipping:

  1. Download EasyParcel’s bulk parcel template.
  2. Fill in the template with the order details and upload it to your EasyParcel dashboard.
  3. Download and print your air waybills; attach them to each parcel.
  4. The courier will pick up all the parcels from you.

For any EasyParcel delivery, the system will automatically generate air waybills that you can print and attach to your shipment. To protect your parcels, nearly all the courier solutions on EasyParcel SG come with some level of insurance. Most couriers offer a free pick-up service, although some—including UrbanFox, NinjaVan, and Roadbull—impose a minimum number of parcels for this.

Does EasyParcel offer customization?

Customization is a great way to create a seamless customer journey with your brand. To help with this, EasyParcel SG offers several personalization options so that your shipments are in line with your branding.

The EasyParcel Branding marketing tool allows users to insert their brand logo, Facebook pages, and promotional banners to create custom tracking pages. For just SG$5.00/month or SG$47.88/year, your customers will be able to track their EasyParcel delivery on a page that matches your business’s branding.

There are also several other options, including:

  • Branded tracking email – SG$0.05 each
  • Custom tracking SMS – SG$0.08 each
  • Branded air waybills – SG$0.04 each

Which couriers does EasyParcel delivery use?

EasyParcel SG works with 96 domestic and international couriers to give users a wide range of seamless shipping solutions.

For every shipment, you can pick from a selection of recommended couriers, including:

  • Singapore Post
  • QXpress
  • Ninjavan
  • UPS
  • Aramex
  • SF Express
  • TNT
  • Aramex

Alongside Singapore Post, QXpress is a popular courier for Singapore-based merchants, but it also offers international services. Locally, EasyParcel QXpress makes deliveries within two days; internationally, it can take up to 10 days. Wherever your parcel’s final destination is, EasyParcel QXpress accepts shipments weighing up to 30kgs and offers a free pick-up service and up to $300 insurance.

How long does EasyParcel delivery take?

The EasyParcel delivery time for each shipment depends on the courier and service level you choose and the destination of your parcel. For example, local EasyParcel delivery with a small local courier service could take up to three days. EasyParcel international shipping from Singapore to the US using a big courier and express service—such as UPS Worldwide Express—can be as fast as one day. If your delivery is late, you can report it through your dashboard.

Woman tracking her EasyParcel SG delivery.

How do I track an EasyParcel delivery?

To ensure peace of mind for both retailers and customers, EasyParcel delivery services offer tracking. The EasyTrack page allows you to enter your shipment’s tracking number to track your parcel; you can also track shipments through your account dashboard.

For customers, you can choose to send an SMS or email for tracking. Simply check the box while booking your shipment. You can also use the EasyParcel Tracking SMS service for SG$0.06/SMS to send tracking details to your customers.

How Much Does EasyParcel Cost?

Many factors can affect the price of a parcel, including its weight, destination, and courier service level. For this reason, you can expect a different EasyParcel rate for every shipment. It’s important to remember that EasyParcel rates analyze actual weight and volumetric weight and use whichever is higher.

EasyParcel SG also operates a tiered pricing system. The “Instant Pay” rate is similar to regular courier rates. But, users can also buy credits to access discounted EasyParcel rates. The credits are available as packages starting from SG5$53.50 for the EP50 with 1-month validity and going up to SG$21,400 for the EP20,000 package with 12-months validity; shipping prices differ depending on which package you choose.

Below is an example of the rates and times to deliver a 2kg parcel from Singapore’s Central to the island’s Northeast.


Delivery Time

Instant Pay Rate

EP 300 Rate

Singapore Post E-Saver

1-3 Days




1-2 Days



Mystery Saver

1-2 Days




1-3 Days




1-3 Days



Ninjavan Door to Door Standard

1-3 Days



Park Parcel

3 Days



SF Express

1-3 Days



ViaMove Same Day

8 Hours



What about international shipping?

Retailers can also use EasyParcel international shipping to send orders overseas. For international shipments, the delivery time can also affect the price of your shipment, so check this carefully as you compare couriers.

Below, you’ll find an example of prices for a 2kg shipment from central Singapore to Manhattan, New York, USA.


Delivery Time

Instant Pay Rate

EP 300 Rate


15 Days



TNT Express

3 Days




1-3 Days



SF Express

4-5 Days



Aramex Priority

4-5 Days




Don’t forget that for EasyParcel international shipping, there may be extra costs to factor in. For example, you may have to pay import taxes and customs duties. Additionally, brands dealing in high-value products may want to get additional insurance for their shipments.

FAQs - Using EasyParcel in Singapore

How do I pay for an EasyParcel shipment?

You have to link a credit card to your EasyParcel account to pay for shipments or buy credits. EasyParcel SG also offers the option of using GrabPay.

Why should I choose EasyParcel instead of going directly to the courier?

EasyParcel lets you manage and track all your shipments in one dashboard. And, it also allows you to access far more competitive prices than you’ll get from a courier.

Can I send any item through EasyParcel delivery?

Unfortunately not. The platform does have a list of prohibited items, including alcohol, batteries, drugs, electronic appliances, jewelry, paint, and weapons. For the complete list, please click here.

What do my courier quotes include?

All courier rates on EasyParcel SG include a Fuel & Handling surcharge, and a Government Tax levied by the Singapore government. On top of this, as required by Singapore law, EasyParcel charges 7% GST for all credit top-ups.

Simplify Your Shipping

Because ecommerce requires the ability to quickly meet customers’ ever-changing demands, having options gives retailers a lot of flexibility. EasyParcel is just one of several shipping aggregator integrations and apps that Singapore-based Shopify merchants can use to quickly access a wide range of helpful shipping solutions suitable for any stage of the business life cycle. So while you focus on creating sales opportunities with Shopify and using our marketing tools to drive more conversions, you can rest easy knowing that, once the orders start rolling in, the shipping will be taken care of.