The ultimate guide to courier services – Singapore

So, you’ve decided to take your business online. Your online store displays your products, your payment gateway is set up, and your marketing and operations plans are in place. But how do you get your products to your customers located in Singapore and beyond?

Savvy online shoppers have come to expect speedy delivery of items from e-commerce sellers. Some of the delivery features they look for include door-to-door or same-day delivery in Singapore, cheap postage rates, the ability to track mail online or with an SMS notification, and the product to be packaged well and intact on delivery.

Although you don't provide the delivery service, it is an extension of your brand and service standards. So, it's essential that your products are delivered on-time and in good condition. It helps increase customer satisfaction and encourages your customers to return and shop with you again.

So which courier service is best in Singapore for your business? You'll want to choose one that is reliable, has excellent customer service, offers cheap postage rates in Singapore, and even for international shipping from Singapore.

Luckily, numerous courier services in Singapore offer all of this and more. However, the key to selecting the best courier service for your shop is by understanding what your customers need.

Things you need to consider before choosing a courier service in Singapore

The best way to decide which courier service is best in Singapore is to consider what your online store needs.

Many Singapore domestic courier services offer door-to-door, same-day delivery in Singapore, with online means to track mail in Singapore and payment online. If your store needs to deliver items overseas, most courier services in Singapore also offer overseas shipping from Singapore, with competitive postage rates.

So, consider what else your business needs to ensure your products are delivered in the best condition to your customers. 

Here’s a list of what you should look for in a domestic courier service in Singapore:

Same-day delivery

 If your products are perishable or are hot food items, you'll need a courier service in Singapore that can deliver as quickly as possible. This is also a good option if your customer base is small as it will keep customers happy. 

Door-to-door delivery

Customers like the convenience of having their parcel delivered to their doorstep, especially if it’s a bulky or heavy item. It’s a bonus if customers can also choose a time frame for the delivery.

Large/bulky item delivery

If your items are large or bulky, you'll require experts who know how to safely deliver such items. Usually, these are Singapore courier services with a fleet of vans and lorries to transport large quantities of items or oversized items such as home furniture, large electronic appliances, or sports equipment.

Delivery with insurance

If your products are fragile or expensive, you'll need a domestic courier service in Singapore that provides insurance on deliveries. The insurance usually covers damage to goods during the delivery process as long as the items are wrapped well. Ensuring that goods aren't shifting or slipping out of the packaging during delivery. However, insurance doesn't cover damage to items caused by insufficient or improper packing.

International delivery

Get your products delivered to overseas customers with a courier service that provides international shipping from Singapore. You’ll need to know the delivery speeds, air or sea shipping, product restrictions, is there weekend delivery or insurance, parcel tracking, and customer service.

Singapore domestic courier list - who to choose?

Now that you know the features you require from domestic courier services in Singapore, you can decide which courier service is best in Singapore for your online store. Most of them provide door-to-door delivery on the same day; the only difference is in cost of postage rates in Singapore as well as other features such as whether they have ways for you to track mail in Singapore, whether they can deliver large/bulky items, and whether there is free insurance coverage. 

The following sections will cover some of these features:

Singapore courier services: same-day delivery

This is a list of the best courier services in Singapore if you’re looking for same day pick-up and delivery. Some of them also provide instant deliveries within 2- or 3-hours from pick up. This is for businesses that need to send out perishable or hot food items or if you want to get your products to customers as quickly as possible.


Grab started as a ride-booking app, but its services have expanded to include GrabExpress, which provides domestic courier service in Singapore. Utilizing its network of motorbike and car delivery fleet, GrabExpress gets your items delivered within Singapore on the same day, from 8 am to 11 pm.

Their delivery options are:

  • Motorbike, for parcels up to 5kg and up to 32cm x 25cm x 12 cm. 
  • Car, for parcels up to 20kg and up to 70cm x 50cm x50cm. 
  • Delivery within 4 hours of pick up is available for small parcels up to 2kg and up to 32cm x 25cm x 12cm.

You're provided real-time tracking on the Grab app, and you'll receive photo proof of delivery and an email receipt. Delivery orders and payment are made through their app. Your customer will also receive a delivery tracking URL in an SMS to track where their delivery is.

iXpress Logistics

iXpress Logistics has many different same-day delivery options for their domestic courier service in Singapore.

You can choose from the following:

  • 60-90 min
  • 90-120 min
  • 3 hours
  • 5 hours
  • Delivery by 5 pm
  • Delivery by 10 pm

They can deliver parcels from less than 1kg up to 109kg. Their website's delivery rates are for parcels that are 1kg, with an additional charge of $1 for every kg. The final postage rate for delivery in Singapore also takes into account the distance traveled. If you're a member, you enjoy cheaper postage rates.

There is also a flat surcharge rate for delivery to Changi Airport, Changi Village, Sentosa, and Tuas South. 

You can book and track your delivery orders on your tablet or mobile through their app.


Pickupp is known for their Express Delivery 1-2 hour service. If you're not in a huge rush but still require same-day delivery, orders can be fulfilled with their 4-hour delivery option. 

If you have a minimum of 30 deliveries a month, their corporate plan helps you save with cheaper delivery rates than their individual plan.

  • Corporate account — Express from $12 per delivery. 
  • Corporate account — Same Day, from $8 per delivery. 
  • Individual account — Express from $15 per delivery. 
  • Individual account — Same Day, from $10 per delivery.

The final postage rate for Singapore deliveries by Pickupp depends on the parcel's weight, dimensions of the parcel, and distance covered.

From their online dashboard, you can schedule your delivery slot and track the exact location of the Pickupp agent who is delivering your order 24-hours a day, seven days a week. You'll be sent a photo when your delivery is dropped at its destination, accompanied by the recipient's e-signature.

Singapore courier services: large/bulky item delivery

Good for online businesses who require delivery services, big appliances, electronics, mattresses, or large quantities of items.

Here are some of the best couriers in Singapore who delivery bulky items:

GetVan Goods

GetVan’s large/bulky courier services in Singapore are split into three categories:

  1. Regular (1.4m x 1.4m x 1.4m), starting from $25.
  2. Large (2.3m x 1.4m x 1.5m), starting from $30.
  3. Extra Large (3.3m x 2m x 1.9m), starting from $60, respectively.

All the postage rates for Singapore delivery by GetVan include loading and unloading of the items.

There are additional costs for ERP charges, entry to Sentosa, and for the driver’s assistance in moving the delivery item. You can place your delivery order through their website up to 7 days in advance of your delivery date.

Payment is made to the driver when your delivery items are picked up, and you'll receive an e-receipt to your email when your delivery is completed.


Formerly known as GOGOVAN, GOGOX has vans and lorries for deliveries in Singapore of large/bulky items from 500g to 5,000kg.

The base prices are according to the vehicle used for domestic courier service in Singapore:

  1. Van, starting from $24 for up to 500kg and up to 2.3m x 1.2m x 1.2m.
  2. Lorry 10-ft, starting from $42 for up to 1,000kg and up to 3m x 1.5m x 1.5m.
  3. Lorry 14-ft, starting from $80 for up to 2,500 and up to 4.2m x 2m x 2m.
  4. Lorry 24-ft, starting from $143 for up to 5,000kg and up to 7.5m x 2.3m x 2.3m.

Their website also clearly lists out additional fees if the driver’s manpower is required for moving the items.

Additional charges also apply for deliveries to the Central Business District, as well as secured and restricted zones such as Changi Airport, seaports, military bases, construction sites, and Jurong Island.

Items can be delivered on the same day, and delivery orders can be placed through their app or website. GOGOX also has an option for businesses that require regular deliveries.


LalaMove provides two options for large/bulky items courier services in Singapore:

  1. Van, starting from $30 for items between 350kg to 500kg.
  2. Lorry, starting from $42 for items between 910kg to 1,800kg.

If the delivery is by van, there’s no extra charge for the driver’s help in moving items. If the delivery is by lorry, there is an extra charge of $30 if the driver’s help is needed for moving items. All the lorries also have refrigeration for items that require chilling during delivery, such as perishables or frozen items.

There are surcharges for deliveries to the Central Business District and secure zones such as Changi Airport, military camps, PSA and Jurong Ports, Jurong Island, shipyards, and supply bases.

If your delivery can only be done between 10 pm to 7.59 am, LalaMove can do so with a late-night surcharge. You can place your delivery order through their app or online website, and you will receive a notification the moment your customer signs for their delivery.

The best Singapore courier services with insurance

Customers packing fragile items into a box.

This list of courier services in Singapore is for businesses that require insurance on each delivery of products that are fragile or have a high value. The insurance doesn’t cover damage to the product resulting from insufficient or improper packing.


Each delivery by SendSingapore is insured for up to $500 in value. You can request additional insurance if you require it. They accept parcels up to 30kg in weight and dimensions of 64cm x 64cm x64cm.

Delivery fees are calculated by considering the parcel's weight, the delivery distance, and the delivery time window. SendSingapore provides 3-hour express delivery, same-day delivery, and next-day delivery but doesn't operate on Sundays and public holidays. Their delivery fees are fixed based on the weight and dimension of the parcel.

There are surcharges for delivery to Changi Airport, the Central Business District, Kranji Turf Club, Loyang offshore supply base and its vicinity, Sentosa, and Tuas. You can place delivery orders on their web order page and pay with a credit card.


Up to $100 of free insurance coverage can be added to each delivery by uParcel. Their delivery options for e-commerce businesses include multiple deliveries with one pick up, door-to-door deliveries, same-day delivery, express delivery, delivery request via mobile app or website, and online tracking of mail delivery in Singapore and delivery agent.

Your customers also receive an SMS notification before the delivery. uParcel has transparent and fixed postage rates for Singapore deliveries without minimum delivery requirements. Payment for their services is with a pre-paid e-wallet or credit card.

Suppose you have more than ten deliveries a month. In that case, you can open a corporate account with this domestic courier service in Singapore, where you'll receive an invoice at the end of the month for all deliveries requested.


EasyParcel is a platform that consolidates domestic courier services in Singapore. So, deliveries booked through them have basic insurance coverage for the loss or damage of parcels by the courier providers they work with.

You can use the EasyParcel platform to compare their courier partners' Singapore postage rates, book different delivery orders with different courier services in Singapore, and give ratings and feedback to the courier companies.

They also work as a go-between between their courier partners and you, which is useful in cases of dispute resolution. Payment is through a credit system where you top up credits for your account with a credit or debit card.

The best courier for international shipping from Singapore

If you need to send parcels overseas, this is the list of courier services in Singapore that provide delivery from Singapore. This will help you to provide a good experience for your international customers. If your e-commerce business retails gifts, providing international delivery from Singapore will allow your customers to send gifts overseas.

Basic postage rates of overseas shipping from Singapore are quoted based on the weight, dimension, contents, and destination of the parcel by sea freight. If you need your parcel to be delivered quicker, there are additional costs for overnight or expedited shipping.

The most commonly known international shipping companies in Singapore are:

  • SingPost
  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • TNT

You can also enquire with USPS, XDel, and DTDC for quotes.

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How to choose the best courier service for your business needs

Remember to book and pay for the service that your business needs. If it’s for small parcels, then you will do well with a motorcycle courier service. If your items are large, then entrust them to a courier service that uses vans or lorries or one that provides free insurance.

Once you have decided which courier service is best for your business, you can feel assured that your customer's orders will be delivered safely and on-time. This builds your customer's trust and confidence in your business, encouraging your customers to shop with you again.

A trusted Singapore courier service will remove your worries about last-mile logistics and free you to focus on other areas of your business.

Common questions about courier services in Singapore

What is a courier service?

Courier services are delivery services performed by a driver using a motor vehicle, without stops at a distribution or sorting center — your parcel is picked up from point A and delivered to point B. Their services include door-to-door deliveries made on the same day or the next day.

Why use a courier service?

Deliveries in Singapore by a courier service ensure that your parcel is delivered from door-to-door, and the delivery can be done within the same day or by the next day. You can track your delivery order in real-time from a website or app, and they also have a dedicated customer service team that will quickly attend to your queries and concerns. Using a courier service shows your customer that you care about their shopping experience from start to finish.

Is it possible to request multiple same-day deliveries in Singapore from the same courier?

It is possible to order more than one delivery for the same day as it will help you to streamline your delivery process. Most courier services have this option, but they will consider the route to cover and the distance between each drop-off location.

Do courier services provide manpower for door-to-door delivery of large/bulky items?

There is usually an additional cost for this service by courier services that deliver large/bulky items. For some providers, if the item can be transported in a van and moved by one person, there is no extra charge for the driver to do the door-to-door delivery.

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