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707 Street builds brand loyalty with seamless digital shopping experience

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Founded in 2015, 707 Street is an online retailer known for offering a unique variety of trendy apparel and accessories. The brand has gained a loyal following among fashion and pop culture enthusiasts for its commitment to quality and exclusive collections of highly sought-after styles.

Since moving to Shopify Plus, 707 Street has seen:

  • 28% year-over-year increase in revenue
  • 10% year-over-year increase in gross merchandise value


707 Street was selling its products through an Amazon storefront and seeing tremendous growth. But the team lacked a simple way to manage its business online, and it found that customers wanted to engage more directly with the brand.

It needed to build a scalable website that could serve as a customer engagement platform and a shopping destination that reflected its aesthetics and values.

The team decided to launch an online store with Shopify to meet these goals, allowing it to stay focused on serving its growing customer base, instead of being bogged down by the technical headaches often associated with building a new website.

“We liked the ease of use and intuitive nature of Shopify,” says David Koh, founder of 707 Street. “We saw all the customizations available through third-party apps built to integrate with the platform as a big benefit as well.”

As the pace of 707 Street’s growth accelerated with the move to Shopify, the team continued seeking more opportunities to improve its customer experience and fuel growth.


707 Street upgraded to Shopify Plus to gain the expert guidance available to Shopify Plus merchants. The brand worked with the Shopify Merchant Success team, which held in-depth strategy calls with the brand and conducted site audits to identify potential user experience improvements and other optimizations. The Merchant Success team also introduced 707 Street to Shopify Plus Solutions Partners to assist in strategic areas of need.

“Having someone we could talk to and bounce ideas around with was really valuable,” says David. “We gained insights into what more established brands were doing that we could replicate or make our own, which led to great results.”

The brand stepped up its affiliate program, using the third-party referral and affiliate program app UpPromote to help facilitate the applications and approvals for new affiliates and to make it easier for affiliates to share 707 Street products with their audiences and get paid for attributable sales.

Based on recommendations from the Merchant Success team, the brand began using various other third party apps to its advantage as well. It used Rebuy to boost average order values by automatically suggesting additional items before and after checkout that customers were likely to be interested in. It integrated photo reviews onto its product detail pages with the Loox app to drive more purchases. And to promote customer loyalty, the team used Smile to create a points system that rewarded shoppers for their purchases.

The brand used Shopify Flow to set up automation workflows to scan every order for potentially fraudulent activity. It took advantage of the tight integration between Shopify and Klaviyo—the solution it was already using for email and SMS marketing—to make better use of its customer data by delivering more personalized messages to its audience.

Finally, since 707 Street has a devoted social media following, it linked its online store directly with its Facebook and Instagram pages, giving followers the opportunity to browse products within the apps and check out through Shopify. The team also used the mobile app platform Tapcart to integrate its own mobile retail app with its online store, giving mobile users another seamless shopping destination. While the integration made customers happy by providing early access to product drops and ensuring mobile purchases racked up loyalty points to their accounts, the brand gained a more direct connection with its customers through the ability to send push notifications about upcoming launches and other relevant updates.


Upgrading to Shopify Plus helped 707 Street meet its goals of scaling its growth efficiently while building stronger relationships with its new and existing customers. Its dedicated fans are highly engaged with the brand through a variety of channels and the team is able to keep focused on delivering exciting new products and experiences that keep customers coming back.

Investments in the 707 Street mobile app have paid off particularly well as the brand has found that its conversion rate is 38% higher on the app compared to its website, and just over a quarter of its revenue is being driven by its mobile app.

Shopify makes everything easy—from customizing our pages to integrating with our mobile app to securely processing payments—which has enabled our team to keep focused on growing the business. With Shopify Plus, we’re finding more ways to better serve our customers than ever before, and our growth has continued to accelerate

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Apps and Integrations, Growth and Scale

With Shopify, 707 Street saw results fast.


revenue increase year-over-year


GMV increase year-over-year

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